Wizard of Odds

Wizard of Odds

The Wizard of Odds (https://wizardofodds.com) is one of the best, if not the absolute best online gambling guide. It provides players with everything they might need to engage in a satisfying online gambling experience. This includes understanding the games, trying them for fun, reviewing the different casinos and more. Players who are looking to understand the odds of certain games, for example Blackjack, or want to know the Return to Player percentage of slots, they shall find all of that at The Wizard of Odds.

The website was founded back in June of 1997 when it began as Mike’s Gambling Page. The site gained a lot of traction and popularity because of its helpful and well-researched content that proved to be quite helpful to online gambling players. This includes novice players, as well as veteran ones. It was founded by Michael Shackleford who has made a career of analyzing and testing casino games.

Wizard of Odds Site Info

One of the most unique features that the site has is its Odds & Strategies section. Under this section, players will find odds and gaming strategies for almost every casino game out there. This includes card counting strategies for the different variants of Blackjack, roulette, dice games and Asian games to mention a few. This does not come as a surprise, as the site is entitled Wizard of Odds, which means that at heart, it is all about the odds of the casino games.

This is the website’s main aspect that launched it into stardom, and allowed it to cement its position as one of the best and most popular casino gaming guide websites among online gamers. It also became the online guide Mecca for players who are looking to learn more about casino games. It is quite helpful especially for new players who are looking forward to gathering as much information about online casinos and games, before they start placing real money bets.

Frequency of Updates

The Wizard of Odds (https://wizardofodds.com) website would have never managed to stay on top of its game, if it did not keep up with the changes in the online gaming world. Since the online gaming world is an ever-changing one, The Wizard of Odds’ content and guides are always changing and getting regular updates. Whether a new slot is out, a new variant of a popular game or a new online casino made its debut, The Wizard of Odds is always amongst the first websites to discuss all of that. Therefore, online players always flock to The Wizard of Odds whenever they are looking for the scoop regarding a new game or a brand new casino, because they know that the Wizard of Odds will always have them covered.

Variety of Content

Despite the fact that The Wizard of Odds focuses on odds and gaming guides, but its content is quite varied and covers a multitude of topics. Apart from the odds, gaming calculators and gaming guides, online players will simply find anything they are looking for that is related to online gaming.
For instance, there is a section dedicated for online casino reviews. These reviews discuss every little aspect of different online casinos, to provide players with an honest and an extensive review. There is also a list of recommended casinos that players can choose from to avoid the hassle of searching for an online casino.

The Wizard of Odds also provides its visitors with a news section that brings them all what is new in the world of online gaming. Apart from all of that, the visitors would also find an extensive set of free to play games, especially blackjack. So whether they want to know more about blackjack, or actually play a game of 21 for fun, The Wizard of Odds is certainly the place to do so.

Visual Appeal

The website is pretty easy to go through, thanks to its user-friendly interface and setup. Users will find the main categories at the top, once they hover over it, it will open its sub-categories so they can find what they want. There is also the news strip on the left side on the homepage that provides players with all what is new in the online gaming world.
The quality of the visuals of the design is top notch, which has a professional feel to it. This is not a surprise, since The Wizard of Odds has become one of the top gaming websites in the world.


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