Unity 3d Game EngineUnity is one of the most important companies in the gaming industry. Their trademark product, the Unity 3D game engine, has provided countless game developers with the tools needed to create the AAA games everyone knows and loves. In the past you would’ve needed to find much of the information about their game engine the hard way, but thanks to their website, Unity3D.com (https://unity3d.com/), you can find everything you need in a flash. In fact, you can even download their game engine from the website.

About The Unity 3D Website Features

Unity3D.com is devoted to the Unity 3D game engine. This means most of the content is concerned with how to install the Unity 3D Engine, which version of the Unity 3D Engine is right for your computer, and how to get started with development. Everything you need to start developing games is on the website. You can choose between the free version, which has fewer features, and the premium versions, which is aimed at professional developers.

The free ‘versity’ of Unity 3D lets you start making games as soon as you want. After downloading the file, which is a bit large, and creating your own Unity account you can start creating games. If you have any problems with the engine, there are tutorials to help you understand every step of the development process.

Although this website is aimed at serious developers, the examples of games made with the Unity engine make the website a feast for anyone. There are samples of complete projects and demos available for anyone who wants to see them. The samples really show the strength of the engine. Although Unity focuses on 3D game development, you can find some amazing exaples of 2D games made with the engine.

The User Community

Unity3D has an active community of developers available to connect with. Any problem you have with the game engine is probably covered somewhere in the forums. Many people using the Unity engine are not only new to game development, but new to software development in general. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to find a thread pertaining to exact problem you are experiencing. Obviously, some Unity users are going to want to experiment with the engine, and the user community at Unity3D.com is a great place to find people who will work with anyone testing the limits of the engine.

The Asset Store

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Unity3D.com is the Asset Stor. When you download the game engine, it already comes packed with an endless array of tools for you to use. However, if you want even more than what the initial download gives, you won’t have any problem finding something in their asset store. The Asset store has everything from audio, 3D models, editing tools, and source code to choose from. Generally speaking, most people who are interested in game development excel in one area but lack the skills to perform well in another. Thanks to the Asset Store you can overcome any shortcomings you may have.

The Asset Store also offers game developers a chance to make money off products they have created through the user friendly publishing program. For example, if you have created some 3D models you would like to sell, you can make them available for purchase at the Asset Store. Once you sign up for a Publisher Account, you’ll have nothing left to worry about. The potential profit this offers you is so great that some users have made more than $100k selling assets they have produced through Unity3D.com.

The Appeal Of Unity3D.com

There’s so much to do at Unity3D.com. Any new game developer can use the website to find the resources they need to begin creating content. However, there’s also plenty available for professional developers using the website for AAA games. Some people can even use the website to make money for themselves through the Asset Store by publishing content or tools they have created. Game development is a complicated business and anyone can find themselves stumped at any point in the development process. Unity3D.com guides you through every step of the process and continues to help you long after.


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