Twitch.TV was presented in 2011 by Twitch Interactive. is a live streaming video platform that focuses on video gaming that includes video game plays, viewing of eSports competitions, creative content, and music broadcasts. The platform was created to allow gamers to broadcast their gameplay live and allows others to watch and actively join with chat. can be viewed live or on demand. provides a place for nearly 10 million game enthusiasts to meet to view and discuss video games every day. The platform allows players to obtain information prior to making investments on game purchases. Video game players are able to have real-time interaction to chat about gaming and whatever other topics they wish. is proud to be the official live streaming platform for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Twitch Interactive also hosts streams on to raise money for charities, and has successfully raised over 46 million dollars through the Twitch community.

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The site not only features live sporting events, but numerous other sections. There is a section to view popular games that people are ‘watching now’, a top live channels section to view what broadcasters are currently watching, a top PS4 channel that live broadcasts games played on PS4, and a top Xbox One channel that live broadcasts games being played on Xbox One. Each section also has the option to view all live games as well. The top of the page features a game promotion and a chance to enter a giveaway. Prime is also offered and a 30 day free trial is used to promote this feature that makes available monthly free in-game loot, game surprises, no ads, free channel subscriptions, a chat badge and other prime member only emotes.

Frequency of Updates for is host to over 10 million guest each and every day and it is very important to them to keep the most updated information about gaming and more available at all times. Much of their site is live streamed and the updates are kept current and often available before other similar sites. In order to remain the world’s leading social video platform and community, users expect the most current and accurate updates and provides just that.

Variety of Content for allows for many varieties for its content. Created with gamers in mind, has moved forward and now includes content such as digital and traditional painting, digital and traditional modeling, customizing existing things, costume and prop making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrap-booking, jewelry making, glass blowing, electronic projects, cooking and backing from scratch, creative writing, video and photo editing, software and game development, web development, building of custom personal computers, building a broadcast setup, custom furniture building or hacks, model making, bodypainting, building construction sets such as Lego, tattooing, coloring books, beer brewing, construction, home renovation, blacksmithing, and vehicle maintenance. also hosts a performance arts section that includes comedy, magic, music, theatrical performance, poetry readings, choreography and performance of dance. The above mentioned are just some of the many different variety of content offers its users.

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The site displays images of new and popular games throughout their page. The content is organized by live channel and gaming system type. The site is easy to navigate and the images are clear and vibrant. Images of the variety of channels are displayed so you can easily find what you are looking for. When watching live channels and videos the images appear clear and watching for long periods of time is no problem at all.


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