techcrunchTechCrunch ( is a prominent technology media company. They are dedicated to providing profiles of startups, and they also review new internet products and keep up with all the tech news that is out there. TechCrunch has been around since June 2005. They now reach over 12 million visitors and get over 37 million page views each month. Their community includes many followers (2 million, actually) on all different types of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and other platforms.

Crunchbase, which is TechCrunch’s open database, has become a leading industry standard for many different tech companies and transactions. TechCrunch hosts many conferences and events, and they have meet-ups all over the world geared to making sure they get the word out to the tech community about what is happening.

Featured Site Info

TechCrunch’s site features much info, and, as aforementioned, it all pertains to the tech industry. Their site features info about their Miami Meetup, and includes a way to buy tickets, which looks promising. They also include links to a variety of articles, written by a variety of writers, that focus on issues related to the tech industry. Some of these include news about AlphaGo, news about the U.S. Department of Labor suing Google, and sales of tech companies, as the companies change hands and become part of new conglomerates and businesses. You can also watch videos on TechCrunch, including ones about medical printing, smartwatches, and even VR flying machines. And of course, the funding data at the bottom of the page is up to date with news about which tech start-ups are getting funded, and this is happening relatively quickly. This is all of the featured info on the site.

Frequency of Updates

TechCrunch has a number of ways of updating people. You can subscribe to The Daily Crunch, which will give you all the daily news in one daily email. The front page is updated about every 5 minutes or so, and it makes sense that they keep the market updates at the bottom of the page because those occur even more frequently.

Variety of Content

The variety of content is great, and TechCrunch features articles on everything from government lawsuits to virtual reality, and you can read all the latest market news from them, which relates to companies that are being bought and sold and started and funded and whatnot. There are videos, there are market updates, and the varied articles make the appeal of TechCrunch quite spectacular. They also are sure to provide articles that criticize certain products and elements of the tech industry, so you can tell that their quality is not just about getting people to participate in the tech industry without employing critical thinking as they become more invested.

Visual Appeal

The website’s visual appeal is strong. TechCrunch seeks to provide snippets of articles on the front page, so you can read the first few sentences and decide if you want to read more. This allows them to provide more content for their front page. They also put videos in the middle of the page, which allows them to break up the monotony of the front page, which otherwise might just be full of articles and article titles. The colors are nice, in green and black, and the grey shading makes TechCrunch look professional and academic, in a way, what they are probably going for. They have a search bar up top which is easy to spot, and the ads on the side are not too obtrusive, and they do not take up too much of the precious space on the front of the screen.


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