Siliconera is a site ( started by Curse, a company that focuses heavily on multimedia and technology content for gamers. Their mission goal is to “empower gamers with premium resources and content” to help make their gaming experience more enjoyable. To meet that end, Siliconera offers updated news, reviews, and various other content updates that keep those who love gaming up-to-date on the latest breaking gaming information.

They also offer videos and an inside and hands-on look at upcoming games. While its reputation isn’t as big as IGN or other larger gaming sites, it does offer gamers with a nice range of unique content which is regularly updated by passionate gamers.

Featured Site Info

Silconera is focused primarily on offering up-to-date news, reviews, and updates about the current gaming scene. For example, there are sections devoted to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as sections on the PS3 and PS4. Microsoft’s consoles are covered in two different sections (Xbox One and Xbox 360), while mobile gaming is covered in the PSP and iOS sections.

Breaking down the sections in this way is a nice method of allowing you to access gaming information that is interesting to you. While all the current gaming articles are updated in the front page feed, picking a console will limit that feed to articles concerning that console. As a result, you can personalize your Siliconera experience for your own gaming interests.

Frequency of Updates At Siliconera

One of the nicest things about this website is how frequently it is updated. This isn’t a static or boring website, but one with multiple new sources of content updated on a daily basis. In fact, a typical day will find up to 10-15 pieces of content (such as news, articles, videos, and playtests) posted about the gaming world. Many of these stories are insider looks at upcoming games, making this a very intriguing and worthwhile site to visit.

This is particularly true if you are tracking a particular game and are looking for the latest updates on its release date. Multiple updates on a single game are likely, helping to give you an accurate and up-to-date look into how it is developing. This also helps you get a better feel for any changes that may have occurred in the game since you last checked it out.

Variety Of Content

The primary source of content on Siliconera are news articles and reviews of games. As these are quite frequent, Siliconera is a great and reliable source of information on upcoming games. However, it does branch out from pure news and reviews to include multiple other content types. One of the most popular of these is the in-depth interviews with gaming insiders. These offer a fun and intriguing look into the world of making games.

Other sources of content include play testing articles that go very deep with a working model of an upcoming game to highlight what is working, what isn’t, and what to expect from the game. Detailed breakdowns of each game are included to make these playtest experiences as accurate and reliable as possible for interested gamers.

Commentators on the message board loved these pieces of content, as it gave them a workable insight into an upcoming game. It helped whet their appetite and get them excited or prepared for a letdown when their anticipated game is finally released.

Another fun feature is the various videos regularly uploaded to the site. These videos are well-produced and interesting, often looking at a particular game and exploring its meaning to the market and how it could change the world of gaming.

For example, a recent video showed footage from the indie game “Balthazar’s Dream” and talked about its development into an emotional look at the life of a dog suffering from the loss of their owner. A lengthy interview with the designer was included to give gamers an insight into where designers come up with their game ideas.

Visual Appeal

Siliconera isn’t a wildly attractive site, but it does have a nice and simple design. Their logo is perhaps the most memorable part about this site: it features a triceratops and a stegosaurus about to battle for control over a joystick. How cool is that? Beyond this logo, the site features a streamlined “news feed” style design that includes the latest posts with a small picture, the headline, and the lede.

Next to this post is a list of the most popular articles on the site, including topics like “Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary Plans Coming Soon.” There is also a section dedicated to recent comments on the forum and on articles, allowing readers to create their own personal username. This is a fun way to interact with like-minded gamers across the world.

While Siliconera won’t be winning any designs for creative layout, they’ve gone a smart route by making everything simple to understand and easy to access. You won’t get lost looking for content on this site. It will also load more quickly than sites with resource-heavy displays.

Practical Operation of Siliconera

Loading this site was very easy and navigating through the menus was a snap. For example, clicking on the “Nintendo 3DS” tag takes you directly to reviews and articles related to that platform.

As a result, it was never too hard to find something interesting to read. The actual writing was primarily handled by a handful of writers. It is streamlined, easy to read, and informative. Searching requires inputting a search term in the “search” field and pressing “Enter.” Almost instantly a list of related articles popped up.

All in all, Siliconera is a very easy to use site that offers a diverse range of content. It is a good destination for gamers who are looking for the latest gaming news. While not as vast as some other gaming resources, it is a fine addition to the market and offers some interesting tweaks on the gaming website formula.


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