Polygon (www.polygon.com) is a relatively new website focusing on gaming, but with an unusual approach that looks more at the creative talent behind the games. The website was launched in October 2012 by Vox Media, the site also features articles which are closer to long-form articles in style and length. In less than 4 years, Polygon has established a presence that’s not liable to diminish. It is still firmly in Vox Media’s portfolio and is likely to stay there for the time being.

Featured Site Info

Game info and reviews are centerstage on Polygon, but a mix of industry news, hardware reviews, and entertainment news is also present. Forums are accessible through the menu at the top of the page, and are active and vibrant. Subpages are available for most popular platforms through the menu. The site features an opinion section, which is a comparative rarity on a gaming site.

The articles are well written and range from short to long. The reviews are thorough, and the typical 1 to 10 rating system is used, but reviewers are neither overly generous or stingy with their ratings.

Frequency of Updates

Content is updated constantly throughout the day.

Variety of Content

Games are the meat and potatoes of Polygon, so most of the content centers around game news and reviews. Industry news is also offered but seems to be cherry picked, Visitors hankering for a news heavy content base probably won’t get their fill on Polygon.

The opinion columns are an interesting addition. The posts are a mixture of review and commentary on games and other industry topics. There are also long form articles available, which provide deeper perspective, and often center on creative talent and other topics that most gaming sites pay little attention to.

There is some movie and entertainment news present on the site, but it is limited to topics which appeal to gamers or are relevant to gaming culture.

Visual Appeal

Polygon sets itself apart from most other gaming sites visually, using a purple and white color scheme at the top of the page for featured content, then shifting to a pink on white scheme for the menu bar, which is below the featured content. Below that, the color scheme shifts again, going to a more traditional mix of black and white, but with some purple and pink mixed in.

A simple black on white palette is used for the actual content, which translates to easy readability, which is helped by the use of standard fonts and sizes.

Articles and posts are presented on the main page, each with a title and a couple of lines of text below them. Featured articles are presented above the menu bar, and those tiles are limited to a headline which serves as a link. Navigation to subtopics is intuitive, with each menu heading displaying a fly-out menu when the mouse is hovered over it. The site is searchable, and tags are used to aid in searches from Polygon, and from outside search providers like Google.

Advertising is present. For the most part, it is well separated from the actual content, but some sponsored links are mixed in with website content. The sponsored content is clearly labeled, and easy to identify. There seem to be more ads shown than on other gaming sites, but none of the ads were overly intrusive, other than being larger than the normal banner ads.

Content from other Vox Media brands is also presented, but this is also easily to identify and is also relevant to games and the gaming community.


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