Kotaku (http://kotaku.com/) is a website that keeps its fans up to date on anime, cinema, television and most importantly, video games. The site was started in October 2004 with Matthew Gallant as its lead writer. About a month after the sites launch, Brian Crecente was brought in and since then the site has been on a roll. Since launch, the site boasts several country-specific sites for Australia, Japan, Brazil and the UK. They’ve been on countless lists such as CNET’s “Blog 100” list and was ranked 50th on PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Classic Web Sites” list. Kotaku is currently run by Stephen Totilo, who replaced Brian Crecente in 2012. The change in leadership has not slowed them.

Featured Site Info Kotaku

Kotaku’s name comes from the Japanese otaku meaning “obsessive fan” and the prefix “ko-” meaning “small in size” and from the second you arrive on the site, you can see how the name fits. They offer the latest articles on the Japanese video game scene, movies and anime. Don’t let this discourage you from visiting the site as they offer the same attention to all things video games and media in general.

Frequency of Updates at Kotaku

Kotaku does a great job at keeping its readers and subscribers up to date on new info. Constantly updating the site with the latest news and information from the world of entertainment at all times. They’ve got night owls and early birds posting new content all the time, everyday.

Variety of Content – Something For Everyone

As stated earlier, the site offers content on all things video games and media from around the world. Kotaku also offers honest reviews that sometimes might go against the majority, proving their commitment to being unique with their readers. Kotaku’s “Videos” page is a hub for game play videos, as well as sports, food, life and culture. There is sure to be something to catch your eye. Their “TMI” page provides articles on wrestling, UFC, comics and more! For those into cosplay, Kotaku has a dedicated page for you. Pictures and articles on the entire cosplay culture. PC gamers need not worry either.

Although the video game industry seems to hover around two consoles, there is a vibrant PC community, and Kotaku has a page named “Steamed” dedicated to those gamers. Kotaku even has a page called “Snacktaku” which you can probably guess what it’s about. Now if you’re looking for healthy tips for a better you, you might want to look elsewhere. This is for gamers and people who enjoy the wild side of food! For the fans of podcasts, Kotaku has a “podcasts page that is frequently updated with podcasts on gaming and media. The “Highlight Reel” page offers up some of the best game play videos online. They offer up videos that are full of action and some that are truly hilarious.

Visual Appeal – If Looks Could Kill

Kotaku’s site is very user-friendly! Everything is clearly named so there is not going to be a lot of clicking around endlessly. There aren’t obscene ads that just start playing or pop up ads constantly slowing you down. The pages are clean and uncluttered. Obviously there are ads, but again, they aren’t loud and in your face.

With all the competition on the internet, it’s increasingly hard to stand out and make noise. Kotaku has been doing just that for the past 12 years and showing no signs of slowing down. For all things anime, gaming, movies and television, Kotaku is your site. There is great information on upcoming games and movies as well as honest reviews and opinions on those very things.


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