Online casinos have grown in popularity in recent years. Today, there are more available than ever before. It can a daunting task to have to choose between the hundreds of options out there. Jackpot.casino offers a unique service which allows users to review online casinos, games, and software creators. It has the most expansive databank of its sort. It provides users with an opportunity to join the site for free and view countless online casino data. It also offers a convenient breakdown of recent wins and the distribution of winnings among casinos and software.

For users looking to better their online casino experience or increase the likely payoff of their bets, jackpot.casino is a free and helpful asset. Easy to navigate and offering lots of diverse features, http://jackpot.casino is the preferred online casino database.

The following review gives users a brief and informative overview of Jackpot.casino.


Jackpot.casino is a vast database of online casino jackpots and winnings. The site provides users with lists of games, casinos, and software. It also tracks current and past jackpots, the number of hits, average hit size, and biggest hit. Users can create a free account, monitor online jackpots, and create their own alerts. By selecting a game, users can read about the games features, form a deeper understanding of the jackpot, and view colorful screenshots.

Featured Site Info

The site features a wealth of knowledge regarding online jackpots. Users can organize Jackpot data by casinos, games, or software developers. Within each category, there are extensive databanks that will assist online casino users to select their future games. One of the most useful features of the site is the “Jackpot Distribution by Developer” section, which provides an easy-to-read pie chart that shows how jackpot winnings are distributed between varying software. Another useful feature is the game screenshots, which provide prospective players with a preview into a game’s aesthetic. The greatest utility of the site is its enormous databanks, which give users an extensive snapshot of all available online casino games.

Frequency of Updates

The site is constantly updated to project the newest jackpot data available. The site also promises to update and remove games that are no longer functioning. Jackpot.casino offers round-the-clock observations of the online casino world. Users can rely on these readily available updates to assure they make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing their preferred jackpot.

Variety of Content

Jackpot.casino offers over a hundred detailed overview of online casinos. They also offer hundreds of detailed descriptions of the games within each casino. The descriptions are multiple pages and broken down into easy-to-read categories. The site also offers graphs and statistics for each category and subcategory. They go above and beyond by offer users an opportunity to relate all games to their particular software developer. By using the site, casino players will be able to accurately gauge what casinos distribute the most winnings. This focus will give players a major advantage when selecting their game.

Visual Appeal

The site is very easy to navigate and pleasant on the eyes. It features a white background with black text and colorful graphics. The descriptions for each game are lengthy but not overwhelming. They are well organized and supplemented with plenty of images. Overall, the site has a pleasant aesthetic quality.

One of the most enjoyable features of the site are the logos and screenshots which are available under each description. These images help users become familiar with different games. Users will also value the use of color graphs and charts to help make interpreting
the statistics easier.


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