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Indie Games is presented by the same company that operates the Independent Games Festival & Summit each year. This company has produced the festival since 1998. The weblog covers all things online gaming. You’ll know what to expect from the top games across the web after a short visit to this blog. It covers games from the mystical, magical realm of Spellsworn to drones battling humans in Drones: The Human Condition.

Featured Site Info for Indie Games

Expect to be brought up to speed in the gaming world. Indie Games covers mostly gaming information to prep you for the game. However, the site also includes coverage of indie gaming magazine Independent by Design. Getting behind-the-scenes information and sketchings about game development is a thing of beauty in itself. Which games have the best graphics and scenery? covers this too and shows you some of the most surreal galactic cockpits, fantasy tundra or enter new galaxies all together.

Frequency of Updates at Indie Games

The content has been curated just for gamers and it’s obvious. Indie Games has proven itself to be a reliable source of information for the gaming world. The reviews are updated regularly and you can expect to see a new review plus lots of new commentary. You won’t have any problems finding the newest content, it’s posted on the front of the home page right in the center. The site is doing a great job of keeping up with the fast pace of the gaming industry and the rate at which gamers consume content. All of the information presented is relevant and of interest.

It’s not uncommon for the site to post two to three new pieces of content each day. With this blog, you won’t miss a beat in the gaming world. Those who run the site and update it have conveniently posted their names on the sidebar linking to their email address. So you’re welcome to email any of the writers/gamers/developers affiliated with the site. The open communication that this promotes may be why the site has so much great information flowing in on a regular. The site posts updates on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, RSS feed, and The games promoted by Indie Games on Steampowered are peculiar, strange, intriguing and definitely worth a look.

Variety of Content

Perhaps you’re a game developer and you want to let your skills be known. You can visit Indie Games to find out about where you can showcase your development talent, such as BitSummit. This is an annual event that allows developers to submit their best work to attendees in the thousands. From elementary students to adults, everyone has some talent to offer. Special events like this that cater to gamers and web developers are exclusively available on Indie Games. If you enjoy platformer games, you’ll love the ones presented on this site.

This is definitely a site that many gamers look to. The reviews are trusted and there is a plethora of information available including more obscure content. Get access to gaming reviews through articles and video previews. With so many developers creating countless games, it can be easy to become lost in all of the options. Indie Games helps simplify this by giving you pertinent information, reviews, and news about games that people have already grown to love. Whether you’re looking to up your skill level or you just need pure entertainment, you’ve found it.

The site is designed the be viewed in a few different ways. By selecting “filters” at the top of the site, you can choose whether you view the site from a desktop, mobile device or a gaming console. Whether you have a PS4 or an Xbox One, you’ll love the site from your console’s point of view. Some functions within the reviews are only accessible from your gaming console, which is a really cool feature. Indie Games is no doubt, a very cool site that will keep you up to the moment with the release of new games, game reviews, expert commentary, and important events.

Visual Appeal

The site is well designed and easy to navigate. The main portion of the website in the blog in the center which appears one article at a time. On the sidebars you have the top posts, reviews, and commentaries from users and authors of the site. Plus, there’s a link to more information about the Independent Games Festival. There are ads on the site, but they are nearly out of sight at the bottom of the page.

The site has done a great job of making the information the main feature instead of ads. Videos and images accompany each review making each article more engaging and interesting. After all, you can read about a game to gain additional information you didn’t have before, but a picture is still worth a thousands words. Indie Games doesn’t tease you at all in regards to what the games look like. You can simply click the video on any review and get nearly a full experience of what the game is like.

Practical Operation of Indie Games

The site basically functions as a go-to place for anything related to the best online games and gaming events. The blog is updated regularly and is an extensive archive of helpful gaming info. The site has a great deal of content, so much it might be a little overwhelming. However, those you maintain the site have kept the load time down to a minimum.

The blog is very professional and maintains the same format throughout. You can expect everything on the site to function properly and load relatively quickly. There is a search function to make it easier to find content about a particular game or event. There is a massive amount of content on the site but it is all very well organized. Indie Games accepts story tips and even offers job positions. If you have some information about a game that you know the gaming community will appreciate, this is the place for you to share it.


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