In the world of gaming sites, Ign.com is regarded as one of the best that players can visit and join. The site has proven that this is not all just hype because it offers a comprehensive selection of game reviews and new articles that are consistently featured and updated. Readers have access to the three biggest categories of gaming, organized and presented in a professional manner with little to no ads. Also, movie trailers and reviews are available as well as information about TV shows, comics, and even virtual reality technology. Ign.com has developed a reputation through its extensive team of producers and writers, earning the praise it has gained over the years.

Featured Site Info for IGN.com

Ign.com breaks its gaming content down into a few different categories. The reader can visit the website and instantly be able to find new articles related to Xbox, PS4, and PC games. The content includes the latest news about games that are going to be released or have been released, in addition to a thorough and detailed review of new gaming titles. Older games that have been reviewed or featured in a spotlight article are archived on the site so that they are always available to the reader.

In cross-promotion with gaming developers and companies, the site features deals for players so that they can receive discounts or special pricing on various games. Also included are different accessories for PC and consoles at times. Much like the news articles, the deals have their section that the reader can visit. The deals are organized to feature the most recent offers right at the top of the page.

For the dedicated reader, Ign.com has a prime option that can be accessed for a minimal monthly fee. This pass gives players access to insider information about games and other content released on the site, as well as exclusive deals on just about everything imaginable. A prime subscription also takes away ads from the site through the reader’s account. Becoming a typical member of the site does not cost anything and will allow each user to sign up for the newsletter, which sends out the latest updates via email and text.

Frequency of Updates at IGN.com

In keeping up with the fast-paced gaming industry, Ign.com posts news and reviews on a very frequent basis. The reader can visit the site to find the latest news, and then be presented with a new article just a few minutes later. This site keeps everything organized and has the most recent updates posted on their home page. However, the reader can always search for the information that they want with the provided tools and find all previous content within the site’s archives.

Variety of Content

At its core, Ign.com is one of the most popular sites for gaming reviews and news that players trust. However, the site is also host to plenty of other content that may not be as well-known. The reader will find that this site also produces many different reviews of movies been released to the box office, as well as future titles with lots of hype behind them. Readers can gain access to the latest info about each movie through Ign.com, in addition to having easy access to trailers and previews.

In similar fashion, the site has news and review articles surrounding the world of TV. With the amount of ways to watch TV in the modern world, it gets overwhelming to try and keep up with everything that has been recommended through commercials, word of mouth, or otherwise. Ign.com addresses this by creating useful content for the latest TV programming in all of its different formats, allowing the reader to get as much information as they want through once source. The site sometimes has previews of various television shows, as well as feedback from multiple fans who have already watched.

Speaking of shows, Ign.com creates and releases its shows on the site for the enjoyment of viewers. Just like the other content featured, these shows cover the latest news surrounding games and other media. Also, the visitor to the site can get reviews and just pure entertainment in a show format from some of the diverse content that is offered. These programs are very well-produced and reflect that dedication that the site has to give each reader an informative experience wrapped up in an entertaining package.

Visual Appeal

Ign.com is an impressive site for gaming reviews with a lot of attention put into its detail. The reader will notice that the organization of content is very professional. Instead of having everything mashed together in a single spot, Ign.com takes the time to make sure every bit of content is filed into its appropriate section to allow the reader to find relevant information. The artwork for the site has been expertly designed and captures the essence of what the site is all about. There are ads featured on the site, but they tend to be quite subtle and do not distract the reader from the main information presented.

Video also accompanies the information and images that bring Ign.com to life at times. These videos help to enhance the experience that the reader receives through the site, either by offering a visual aid to information or by creating a unique and modern type of presentation of a game review or news article. Many videos on the site are embedded right within the content, but can also be expanded to full-screen view so the reader can see everything clearly on their computer or device.

Practical Operation of IGN.com

There is a lot of content featured on Ign.com, but this, fortunately, does not take away from the performance of the site. When first visiting the home page, the content loads fast and without interruptions. The reader can also scroll through the latest content without experience hiccups or delayed load times. Each article itself is handled by the experts on the site who create all content, so the articles load correctly and are organized and optimized for speed. Links featured in content work as they should, and the reader can easily access images or video without running into a glitch.

Search tools for the site are very convenient and include a quick browse option as well as a manual search feature. The reader can access content by category as it relates to the site, or create their custom search to find exactly what they are looking for. This sheer amount of content on the site could potentially create problems with viewing, but the search tools help organize it in a way that works well for the reader.


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