Highlight Reel #247 – Battlefield 1 Sniper Perfectly Fakes Out Enemy

Battlefield 5: Sniper and Ground Combat Gameplay at 4K 60fps – E3 2018
Dead or Alive 6 – Exclusive gameplay footage part 2
This Week on Xbox: April 6, 2018

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1. FIFA 17 – Yellow card sent off – Diego Krik
In FIFA, this player can’t take getting a yellow card.

2. Max Payne 3 – Stop it Max, you’ve taken so much painkillers – kreo_ow
In Max Payne 3, this unconventional hand position.

3. Madden 17 – Hey Coach, get off the field! – Paul Bueno
In Madden, the coach needs to give his players some space.

4. Mafia III – Officer hot on the trail… lol – iatemeatwad
Over in Mafia III, this Officer is hot on the trail of a perp.

5. Mafia III – Artur Hilger
Also in Mafia III.

6. Mafia III – HedinnWeis
Here, Mafia III just turns into a Japanese Horror movie.

7. Mafia III – Mafia III_20161014003531 – Abraham S. (direct file)
Lastly in Mafia, I didn’t realize the mob had mimes.

8. Halo 5 Guardians – Supernova – a live dinosaur
In Halo 5, Dinosaur totally planned this.

9 .Overwatch – Junkrat solo – Carwash
In Overwatch, Carwash’s Junkrat defends this point solo.

10. Overwatch – InSigniaX
Also in Overwatch, Insigniax dominates the point as mccree.

11. Overwatch – GenuinePorkChops

Lastly in Overwatch, this cameo.

12. UFC 2 – Fastest KO World Record in Ranked EA UFC 2!? – R3LAPZE
In UFC 2, R3LAPZE knocks this guy out in record time

13. Battlefield 1 – Another use for the flare – MrKoDESTROYER
In Battlefield 1, here’s an unconventional use for the flare.

14. Battlefield 1 – Oh Hello – Bearfodder
Oh hey there

15. Battlefield 1 – sniper decoy works! – Giraffes R Loose
Hey, the sniper decoy works.

16. Battlefield 1 – [Clip] How to deal with tanks – SergeantWinter
SeargentWinter is an expert in dealing with tanks.

17. Battlefield 1 – Hot Wheels – The Infamous Pancake
Let’s end today with these very hot wheels in Battlefield.

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