Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb ( is a very popular website that many people gather information on gaming through the medium of videos, reviews, and articles. They have consistently been among one of the top sites in the world and provide many different useful pieces of information in a way that make it unique all on its own. Between video game journalism and opinion pieces that give a different perspective on the video game industry as a whole, they provide a level of interaction for its fans that rival some of the other top sites of the world.

Giant Bomb also has their own original content in the form of video series that rank among the most popular in the country. These videos can focus on recently released games and a raw take on them, or even scheduled content that focus on a particular genre of gaming. Whatever the purpose or focus in gaming, Giant Bomb is a pioneer that spearheads various outreaches over the years.

Featured Site Info

One of the Giant Bomb’s biggest features is its video content that it produces and creates all on its own. There is a lot of weekly content that Giant Bomb runs that focus on particular video games, series, and even multiplayer competitions. They work in tangent with other companies such as Twitch that stream its video content and brings in fans from all avenues.

Giant Bomb also has podcasts to allow for other ways of listening to their gaming reviews and thoughts on the industry as a whole. This can include video games that the staff are having fun with and everyone should play, recent games that show promise, and even conventions that are coming up that Giant Bomb will find themselves in.

Frequency of Updates

Giant Bomb is a website that only survives based on how frequent they update their content. Updates happen daily and very frequently in a variety of different categories. Whether it’s the videos that Giant Bomb produces, or they are talking about games that most may not know about, the content is always rich, frequent, and varied.

Variety of Content

Speaking of the content, Giant Bomb prides itself on the amount of variety they offer. Although their main focus is gaming reviews, that is just one perk of what you get with the site. Trailers, editorials, interviews, and special content is all offered on a daily basis.

One of the unique parts of Giant Bomb is the wiki-database that they have. This is a wiki-like version of the site where you can search for a variety of pieces of information, such as video games, staffing credits, and history. In Wiki fashion, this is user-generated content as well that anyone can add once verified to be valid.
Giant Bomb also offers a paid subscription service that rewards additional content for its subscribers. This subscription provides people with information outside the video game space, such as wrestling news and even racing podcasts.

Visual Appeal

Giant Bomb is a very easy site to navigate that is structured and organized. There is never a wonder as to where a user is as every article or video is put in a particular category. The games themselves are even organized by genre and release date, giving even more structure to an otherwise easy website. Giant Bomb follows the same format as most websites focused on gaming news, which adds to its universal ease-of-access.

Practical Operation

Right at Giant Bomb’s homepage, you are given a list of recent and popular content to help get you started with browsing right away. You can search for exactly what you are looking for at the top of the page or go straight to visiting what most readers find interesting. The website is practical in which you are never lost with what you need and there is always fast-loading pieces of information available in no time.


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