Gematsu ( an online video game news site that specializes in comprehensive Japanese video games. Gematsu first originated in 2007 as a site called onAXIS where it served as a Blogger hosted PlayStation blog. The blog focused on updating the PlayStation 3 community on the newest releases and reviews of upcoming and current PlayStation games. They had a successful run with more than 3,000 blog posts. They gained such a following that within ten months’ time, they grew into a self-hosted WordPress blog called ScrawlFX. Their new expansion involved a new image gallery, new forum content and adding four additional writers to their team.

After three years ScrawlFX transformed yet again due to a rebranding and such a huge following. To this day, Gematsu specializes in industry news and updates of Japanese video games on every platform. Owner, Sal Romano has been a writer in the video game industry for seven years. He continued to commit his time and effort to creating and updating the Gematsu site. The second staff member is Zero, the community moderator. Community moderators serve the purpose of regulating comments and reviewing them to answer questions or ensuring that community rules are followed. Zero has been a team member since 2012 and continues to be a team player on the Gematsu team. Gematsu currently has two main staff members and 2 contributors that help make their site thrive. And with just two main staff members, they do an amazing job with dishing out content.

Featured Site Info

The Site currently features a few top updates. The top updates are listed from most recent to oldest. Currently there are 158 updates on the site. The first page of updates feature new product announcements and reviews of games on every platform imaginable. The featured site info is ever changing, as it should be. The top four featured updates range from popular game updates such as a Final Fantasy press release and even a press release from Sony on upcoming Japanese smartphone games. On each news thread a community member can contribute their thoughts or make comments to someone else. Community members frequently share their elation and even frustration on the news thread. The audience always has a chance to contribute to the news threads and even share them with friends. The sharing icons are always visible and make for easy one click posting to social media. Some of the top updates from this week currently have over 500 comments. A Gematsu reader always has access to such a variety to read from. They can rest assured that they will always be in the loop on news updates.

Frequency of Updates

The Gematsu team appears to be extremely on top of updating their content. New content can be seen several times a day. In this industry, it is imperative that the audience get updates and news on the gaming industry and they receive it in a timely fashion. Gematsu does just that. They strive to make frequent updates to make their readers aware of the latest Japanese gaming news. In just under a few hours, threads can flow with hundreds to thousands of comments ranging on the popularity of the game. Their twitter feed dishes out shorter hyperlinks to the same content. That way you will always be aware of fresh content. The great thing about Gematsu is that they will always let the reader know how long it’s been since the update was posted. That way you can be sure that you’re looking at the most recent content on their site.

Variety of Content

The amount and variety of content featured on the site is simply amazing. In the past, Gematsu has placed their primary focus on gaming updates for PlayStation. They have made a great move by expanding their content to cover all platforms. Expanding platform coverage ultimately leads to more publicity and a higher following. The current platforms covered are PS4, XBOX, Wii U, PS3, PC, 3DS and Vita. Each platform has a huge variety of games and upcoming game releases. The content is always expanding and expected to continue in the future. Other sites similar to Gematsu may claim to update readers on all gaming news. However, sometimes they may be seen being favorable to certain titles or genres that bring in readers. Gematsu is aware of their crowd favorites but does not negate news updates on titles or genres with a lower following.

Visual Appeal

Gematsu’s site is very well designed. Their main use of colors stem from royal blue, red, black and white. Their font is very legible, making for an easy read. The layout of their site was designed and coded by the owner, Sal Romano. The home landing page highlights the latest news and the top RPG updates and video updates. There is a menu bar on the top of the page where you can view latest news, top stories, RPG news, fighting game news, release dates, videos and new game announcements for each platform. You can all browse through all games. If you’re looking for something in particular the search bar is in the left hand corner and does well for searching through terms of relevancy.

Overall Gematsu is a great site to get your news updates on Japanese games. Their site is very well laid out and designed with the reader in mind. The different platform news updates are easily accessible and well organized for readers who are looking for specific topics. Their content is always changing as the gaming industry news is updated constantly. Their content has such a variety and is suitable for all ages. The most recent content is always listed and time and date stamped for their audience. Gematsu engages their readers by offering a community to share ideas and excitement. Those readers can easily sign up for an account and become a part of the community of other readers who have a sweet spot for Japanese gaming. Check out their site and form an opinion of your own, you won’t regret it.


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