GamespotGamespot ( is one of the oldest and most used gaming sites on the internet. The site is over 20 years old, having been launched on May 1st, 1996 as a site focused on PC gaming. Over the years, it has maintained relevance by embracing console games and has recently expanded its footprint to include entertainment news which is relevant to the gaming community. The site features an active user forum, which is moderated by both software and volunteers. Like many popular gaming sites, it has changed hands a few times and is currently owned by CBS Interactive.

Featured Site Info Gamespot

Gamespot focuses primarily on PC and current generation console gaming, with key topic areas for all major platforms. Visitors can also find pages for the previous generation of consoles, game reviews, and entertainment news.

Visitors will find that they can drill down to specific game categories and themes once they’ve selected the platform from the menu. Articles are typically short, providing brief summaries of relevant items. Game reviews can range from short to long. Reviewers tend to be conservative in their praise for a title, and they will spotlight both good and bad elements of a game.

A highlight of Gamespot is its active forum community. Users can post on a variety of topics. Forum posts are tagged as questions or polls. The gaming community as a whole tends to be quite vocal and loyal to specific titles or platforms, so at times, the forums can become contentious. Moderators chosen from the forum community do a pretty good job of keeping the discussions civil, but temperatures can run high, at times.

Frequency of Updates at Gamespot

Gamespot is constantly updated. Reviews of new titles are posted quickly, and news articles are likewise timely. The speed at which the updates come serves to create a wealth of new content for visitors to peruse daily. Older articles and reviews are kept available and are searchable.

Variety of Content

While their focus is games, and gamers, Gamespot has expanded its footprint to include movie and entertainment news. Reviews and news on television and movies have found their way to Gamespot, as well as trailers. The entertainment news found on Gamespot is relevant to the gaming community, focusing on titles and provides which are popular within the community. As with the posts on gaming content, news and reviews are timely and written with a conservative approach to praise.

Visual Appeal

The site layout is easy to navigate, and neither too busy or too sparse. Visitors are largely gamers, who tend towards higher-end visual equipment, such as larger monitors, and the site’s overall layout is geared to that market, while still being usable on an average PC. However, visitors with older hardware may experience some latency if they have several windows open at once. The site is equally appealing when viewed on a tablet or mobile device.

Topics and subtopics are clearly identifiable, and enough separation is given between links to make selecting a particular item less prone to erroneous clicks. Banner and context ads are present but segregated from actual content in such a way as to not be obstructive.

The color balance between background and foreground colors doesn’t create as high contrast as some visitors might like, but it is easily readable. Fonts are neither too large or too small, and the use of bold or italics is kept to a reasonable minimum. The site features a large number of graphics, ranging from smaller icons and logos to large graphics used as titles and backgrounds.


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