Gamesbrief ( is a website that blogs about the business behind the popular world of games and game development. They describe all areas of new game information as well as how it impacts game businesses. They describe how game publishers can create great new games on various platforms. This helps game sellers understand how to keep ahead of their competition in the games business. Zynga, Activision, and other companies are discussed in depth on the Gamesbrief website.

Other gaming platforms on Facebook, Unity, and Smartphones are additionally discussed on the Gamesbrief blog. They additionally give tools and game design class recommendations for their readers to learn more about the game business.

The Gamesbrief founder is Nicholas Lovell. Gamesbrief is one of his digital media setups. In addition to his writing on Gamesbrief and other digital media, Nicholas Lovell is a writer of numerous game business improvement books. He has worked on the games: Aurora, Darkwind, and Stronger Kingdom.

Featured Gamesbrief Blog Site Info

To get started on the featured Gamesbrief information, you ought to check out their Get Started section. Under the “get started” tab at the top of the website’s page blog leaders are lead to the main featured subjects of the Gamesbrief blog. The main subject matter includes topics about: free to play games information, various game information blogs, game design, business industry of games, game design financing, investments for game development, and how to get your game published.

Frequency of Blog Updates on Gamesbrief

Based on the last few blog post updates from the Gamesbrief site, it appears that they typically share a few blogs each month. They have skipped writing a blog for a few months as well though, so they aren’t always reliable on how frequently they share a new blog. It appears that they try to share information whenever it is imperative or when they have some breaking information. Fairly regularly the Gamesbrief blog shares new blogs for their committed readers to take advantage of for a game business insider information.

Variety of Gamesbrief Blog Content

The variety of Gamesbrief blog content revolves around the subject of gaming business, design, game investing, and some things they sell on the Gamesbrief website. The Gamesbrief blog has a spreadsheet and tool box information about free to play games. The site keeps up a Gamesgrief unplugged section of their blog as well. This is for any additional content about the gaming world business that their content bloggers want to share about. The site additionally lists masterclass options. The masterclasses are for the United Kingdom and for the United States. The classes are aimed at those who want information about game design, game business, psychology behind games, and everything you could possibly want to know about free to play games.

The Visual Appeal of the Gamesbrief Blog

The Gamesbrief blog is visually appealing for those who read the blog. The design of the website is carefully arranged, so people can easily find what they want to read or look at next. The blog has a classical and stylish simple black bar at the top of the page with the list of tabs to different areas of the website listed in the black bar area. The different sections of the website are written in white or grey lettering. The Gamesbrief blog title is in red lettering. “The Business of Games” is written underneath the Gamesbrief’s red logo. The Gamesbrief blog additionally has pleasant visual pictures and video clips on their website. One of the videos on the blog is a clip of one of the game masterclasses referred to on the blog’s “stuff to buy” section. Everything is professional about the visuals of the Gamesbrief website. The creators of the Gamesbrief blog keep it modern and fresh looking all the time, which is why it is seen as visually appealing by most of their readers.


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