Games Radar ( is an exciting and informative website for gamers, movie enthusiasts, and TV fanatics. Gamers and movies goers can browse through the site for the latest news through articles and videos. The news articles, game reviews, TV reviews and movie reviews have the latest and up to date information on these subjects. The categories are catalogued in such a way that all the visitor has to do is point and click. There is a search tabs that allows the viewer to search a specific article, review or video in a faster and easier way. is best recognized for their lists that are categorized by genre, theme, and platform.

Featured Site Info of has a variety of topics to click. The topics include news, reviews, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, movies and more. These viewers that wants to know about the latest movies or is just looking for a review can click on the Movies category. The information provided in each category has the latest and up-to-date information. Each game consoles category has game reviews, news, articles and videos that target that specific platform.

On the Cool Stuff tab there are interviews of comic book writers, conventions, video game comics, etc. The website also allows a gamer to be able to subscribe to the Xbox, PlayStation, GamesMasters, Edge, SFX and Total Film magazines. On the upper left corner is a Facebook and Twitter icon.

Clicking on either icon takes the gamer to social media account where one can click on like or follow. There is also a search tab where the viewer can search for a specific review, news article, video game, movie, TV show, etc. The search tab can be used to look up current deals on games and consoles. To sign up all a gamer has to do is click on the Facebook, Google, Twitter or email icons. If the gamer wants to see the reviews of a particular console all they have to do is click on review. Then they can scroll down a bit until they see browse by platform and there they can choose PS4, PC, Xbox, PS Vita, Wii U, PS3, iPad and the list goes on.

Frequency of the Updates on

The gaming, movie, and TV industry is forever changing at a faster rate than before. When one decides to visit gamesradar site they will always be kept up-to-date with the most recent news article and reviews. is coordinated in a way that enables gamers and movie lovers not to miss a beat. The search button also provides a faster way to search for updated information.

Variety of the Content is a very popular website for gamers. Many players go to this site to learn what games are coming out that will peak their interest. At the same time they also learn about recent movies, popular TV shows and where they can get a good deal. The great thing about gamesradar is that the gamer can find reasonably priced consoles and games as well. The content is very informative, well written and fun to read. The video interviews capture the essence of the scenery. It is fun, young and very funny. There is a relaxed vibe to the interviewing process. The interview that captures all of this essence is the one with Matt Fraction in 2016 at the SDCC.

This represents what the viewers will encounter when browsing through The gamer will also find content that talks about board games. The fast facts give the gamer an idea of when the game is to be released, the formats it is available on, the developers name and the price. Some of the game reviews has a pro and con section to let the viewer know what they might find exciting about the game and what they may be disappointed by. Clicking on the price will take gamers to the Amazon website where they can purchase the game directly. The Pinterest icon allows that the viewer the ability to save an article they particularly find fascinating.

Visual Appeal

When the loads the viewer is met with a calming blue tone in the background. Then the viewer eyes focus in on a well-organized featured content. The content is placed appropriately in its proper category. The orange boxes let’s the viewer know what each content is about. There are some ads, but not enough to be a distraction. The look and feel of the site is warm and professional. Clicking on each category is easy and it loads quickly. There is a great alignment with the articles that relate to the video that is shown in the same section.


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