Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Have you ever played a video game and had an idea of how you would make it more exciting or challenging?

Imagine. Imagine having the ability to train, design, develop, create and write code for games. Someone created those games you are playing now, and you can be the creator of the games others play, those games you have envisioned for years behind that controller or keyboard. ( can turn you from that gamer, to that developer. Providing all aspects of training in this field, and with their team of experts; they educate you right where you are in your experience level, whether you are an avid gamer, or someone looking to broaden their knowledge in the industry. With over 3,000 accredited education partners, the enthusiast or the serious have the ability to pursue their gaming desire on this site.

Bring your ideas to life with step by step instruction, tutorials, certifications, and more. This truly is a game developer’s dream. An education in one place, guaranteed to create excitement and more enthusiasm than you’ve ever had before. Upon exploring this site, I myself felt my imagination and potential grow to new heights. Everything seemed possible now as I listened as I educated myself on the multitude of education and entertainment offers.

Seeing your game, the levels reached that you’ve created yourself can become a reality. The multitude of education this site offers is astounding.

Among the game developers dream courses, this site includes, Game Art and Design which is taught by the top experts in the field, and is beyond compare. This site also offers Master Autodesk 3D’s Max which is a most popular choice when it comes to building games and giving the graphics the realistic feel that all gamers want to see. Along with Master Autodesk 3D’s Max, you have the option of learning to build, texture and create light in your video games through Blender. Blender creates beautiful 3D models, and is a quickstart to creating what the player’s eyes are drawn to. And next there is Maya. Maya is for aspiring and professional game artists, a course that educates you on simple modeling and texturing essentials for creating the perfect game.

Certification Programs such as Digital Game and Environment Artist, is a course created to educate you on becoming a Prop Artist for modern video games and simulation, and is simply a click away from finding yourself with a certification that qualifies you in one of the aspects of a game developer. If you are interested in video game design and development, this site offers a strong background in game art and engineering, making this an extraordinary place for the gamer that needs their idea to become a reality. Another essential certification course is 3D Max. 3D Max is highly sought after in the industry today, and you can become that sought after talent through

Programming is a must for the serious game developer, and you will find the necessary courses offered. Programming I is learning the core++ language features essential to become a professional programmer. In combination with a Programming I course, Programming II teaches you STL, basic windows programming along with templates and assembly. An OPENGL Graphics Programming course educates you on the fundamentals of open GL and Maser Core 3d graphic principles.

There is nothing this site does not offer. It is one site that takes you from gamer to developer in any aspect of the gaming industry.

And let’s talk about what this site brings us on just about a daily basis, live streams and gaming. If you want to learn about the latest game out there before you buy it, all it takes is one click, and introduces you to the game. Now that service is unique in itself given most of us see very little about a game except what catches our eye before we purchase it. Now we can absolutely have no doubt the new game our controllers are going to bring to life will be enjoyable and a challenge.

Also offered is live training. Live stream training on a variety of game development subjects, can not only prepare you for the courses, but also help you learn a little more than you already do when it comes to development. This site is a must, a motivator, a gamer’s dream absolutely come true on educating us on the inner-workings of the games we already play.

And just when you thought there could not be more, there is an incredible step by step game development tutorial which actually teaches you how to bring together graphics, audio, physics, showing you how to create your own custom quality games. Personally amazed, by the graphics, the detail, the instruction, the education one receives simply by the tutorials themselves, I have challenged others to explore the step by step game development aspect of this site. Building your own zombie shooter is exciting, but learning how you did it gives you a sense of becoming a true game developer.

The sheer pleasure of accomplishment is beyond any euphoria you could feel even when reaching the highest level of a game you may be playing now. And then there’s GI Racing where you learn the art of creating a commercial level racing game. Art work is included, along with supporting tools. Can you imagine creating a racing game where you yourself put together the pieces, and actually brought it to life? Makes one wonder how many times we’ve played those games and were astounded how they actually worked. Ever wondered how those facebook games work, how they were created? Balls of Glory helps you start creating your own games for facebook. Simply follow along as each and every piece is given to you, and you are on your way to watching the masses play your game!

Learn at your own pace; receive the education you need to grant yourself the necessary skills for creating art, code, and game development. has trained thousands and now it’s time for you to stop dreaming about it, and become the next great designer or game developer. Taking you from gamer to creator.


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