GameDevIf you’re a game developer or love reading on game development, ( has everything you need. Launched in 1999, GameDev is one of the longest running game development websites on the internet, with more than 300,000 active developers and members on the site itself. It is currently run by Kevin Hawkins, although the original creators are no longer involved with the site itself.

Featured Site Info

Other individuals who are involved in the site today include Dave Astle, Mike Tanczos, Don Thorp, and John Munsch. GameDev has everything from a traditional blog filled with game development articles to forums, classifieds, and an original marketplace where users are able to purchase real life gear including t-shirts to downloadable development tools and add-ons for development for their own projects and games.

Readers of GameDev have the ability to find all of the tutorials available for game development from classic games to modern games available today.

Frequency of Updates

GameDev is consistent with updates, generally posting new blogs and articles for users to reach each day or every other day. They also allow user-generated blog posts that are categorized as “Business”, “Technical”, and “Creative”, giving users of the community the ability to share thoughts and new ideas on everything that is related to game development.

Having the ability to post as a user of the community drastically improves the number of articles on the site and engagement with the users who enjoy GameDev. While the owners of the site also post pieces, users have built the community themselves with the freedom the site allows. Additionally, there is an entire “Community” section for members to post “Photos of the Day” while having their username shown. Developer journals are also available for those who have registered on the site to become a member.

There is a “Beginners” section that is often updated to showcase and assist new users to the site about various gaming development articles and methods. Whether you are new to gaming development or you are a seasoned user, GameDev has content that is readily available and fresh at all times.

Variety of Content

There is a massive variety in the content that is available at, ranging from business tips when working as a freelancer to creative and technical pieces for those who are already into gaming development but want to share their ideas with the rest of the community.

With the ability to submit your own article to the site to be published, GameDev ranks as one of the most varied sites in terms of content within the gaming community. Because it has been around since 1999, there are more than 300,000 members who have joined and still remain active. Allowing users to blog, submit their own articles, and join in with community ideas and events has helped GameDev become what it is today.

Visual Appeal

GameDev is simplistic, but appealing for those working in gaming development who are searching for real content and the ability to contribute. The website itself is extremely user-friendly with links and guides available within the top navigation portion of the site. Using GameDev is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. For those who prefer websites that run fast without extreme usage of images and video within the layout of the site, GameDev is for you.

The GameDeve marketplace is just as simple as the official GameDev website itself, allowing users to make purchase for their software or even gaming apparel and wear. Because GameDev is so simplistic by nature, it attracts those who want to get to relevant content without being distracted or constantly interrupted with ads, images, and other media that ultimately bogs a user down.


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