Gamasutra is a venerated and established voice in online gaming news. Founded in 1997, the site is something akin to the of gaming sites, focusing more on game development instead of strictly video game end consumers. The site hosts stories and articles covering all aspects of game design, creation, and marketing, from the code to the media content to social network promotion and Kickstarter funding.

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Gamasutra has a wide variety of gaming topic categories. The main five sections are: Daily news, featured articles, user blogs, A job and resume board, and a contractor contact board. Posts and articles can be filtered by topic such as console / PC / tablet, or categories such as arts, designs, programming, business, and marketing. The site also sports an online bookstore offering books on game development, and links to track their content via Facebook and Twitter.

The blogging community on Gamasutra tends to encourage peer communication. Professionals in the field share their savvy and tips with neophytes to the video game industry. Articles also address editorial concepts such as positing games as art or entertainment, new fads and fashions within game culture, and the popular “post mortem” series, where developers share their experience working on a game release from start to finish, recounting what went wrong and what went right. These pieces provide valuable industry insider views of the game development world. These post-mortems date all the way back to 1997, covering games both commercial and independent.

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Gamasutra typically updates ten pieces or so per day, about as often as Slashdot, being a partly moderated user-community platform. The site also offers newsletters, which also supply content with an option for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and sorted by category of interest.

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Absolutely every aspect of video game culture is covered. From the most casual phone app to grand scale altered / virtual reality games, and everything in between, it is all a fair game topic. What sets Gamasutra apart from other gaming news sites is the frank discussions of the aesthetics of game design as well as the technical specifics. Articles examine integration of educational games in the classroom, story-telling and world-building in a game’s fictional universe, artistic direction in games, personality of artificial intelligence NPCs, and so on.

The site’s categories for specialized design aspects include programming, art, audio, design, production, and marketing. So there’s advanced tutorials for creating game music, graphics, and user experiences, as well as a wealth of programming related content. The programming section covers such topics as frame animation, optimizing for performance, formulating battle systems and other game engine parts, and many technical aspects of game design. Since video games tend to unite a lot of diverse fields, the informational articles are useful for developers who may not be up to speed on creating looping music tracks and vice versa.

At least half the resources are devoted to industry employment and work opportunities. Big stories affecting the market post here, as well as individual notices from companies looking to hire talent.

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Gamasutra is a very serviceable site with an emphasis on being easy to navigate and being a workhorse for working designers. That being said, glossy site layout and fancy decoration aren’t the focus. Gamasutra has a shopworn feel to it, being more at the ‘no-nonsense’ school of efficient user-friendly design rather than the flash and pop of other sites that prioritize style over substance. Since gamasutra is a trade site for people who may be in a hurry to learn information or solve a problem, this perfectly serves the users’ needs.


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