Gaming and tech fans living in the U.S. may recall a TV network known as G4. The channel was known mostly for the video game review show “X Play”, and the live geek-culture broadcast Attack of the Show.

New programming ceased in 2012 in preparation for a network merger and format change that apparently never occurred. The channel is no longer on the air as of 2014, in the United States. A Canadian counterpart remains, but is unaffiliated. Strangely, G4’s website is still up and hosting the same old content from back in 2012.

Featured Site Info

Upon loading g4tv.com, the reader is presented with a frozen slice of internet history.

The breakdown of content is typical of the genre it serves. One can browse news, latest games, or start looking at individual gaming platforms, There are sections for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, Wii, and the PC among others. Frustrated gamers, or those looking to get ALL of the guns RIGHT NOW, can check out the “Cheats” section for cheats, tips, and walkthroughs.

There is a video section, where they posted videos of the latest upcoming game trailers and walkthroughs. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view any of these as the players refuse to do anything but display the preview image and turn grey when you hit play.

Naturally, the website provided pages for all of the networks TV shows, as well as for reruns of LOST, COPS, and other classics that had drifted down from their primetime slots on major networks in favor of fresher content.

And last of all, the site provides links to event announcements and a community page. The latter was probably a forum of some sort, though you cannot get to it anymore.

These are without a doubt completely useless at this point.

This is no doubt a dead site, but perhaps not without any value whatsoever. As long as you are interested in content prior to 2013, and don’t miss the videos, the game reviews are of good quality and there’s still some decent content on here in general.

Frequency of Updates

While once updated many times daily, this site is now essentially an internet zombie.
No new content is being added, though everything looks to be running normally just as it was when the network went defunct in 2014. It is almost like walking into a shopping mall that has long since ceased to operate, where no one bothered to move all the stuff out or even shut off the lights. The on-air schedule of G4 TV is still listed in a section of the front page, announcing that X-Play is currently on the air.

If you click the link it takes you to an error page. Nothing is happening here.

Variety of Content

G4’s content was/is pretty much what you would expect out of a network-backed gaming culture website from four years ago. One can browse game previews, game reviews, and trailers of upcoming titles… err, what once were upcoming titles that is.

All of the articles are still intact and readable. The content does not disappoint either.

The writing is pretty comprehensive. They give you a TL/DR pros and cons section for each review heading up a more in-depth review into the game’s features. Should the reader be interested in checking out G4’s impressions of Far Cry 3, they would not be disappointed at all. They gave it got a 5/5, if you’re wondering.

Sites for G4TV’s broadcast lineup is also available to browse.

Clicking on Attack of the Show for example will take you to the last state it was in when they shut down. Sadly, you can no longer watch the video of Weird Al Yancovic describing the history of AOTS.

You can however, read farewell burbs and all the old blog and news posts.

The news blog is still up, and seems to have the most recent content. An article from 2014 raves about cool robot shows on the SyFy channel, for example. Also to be found are misplaced gems such as recipes for stoner food and fancy cafe’ desserts. Judging by
the post dates, these are the remains of a never-to-be completed format change after G4 stopped producing content in 2012.

A community forum that once looked to be fairly well-frequented is not accessible anymore, and it merely loops back to the home page. Might have been fun to look at what people were saying all of four years ago, but the Weird Al video is the bigger disappointment
still by far.

Visual Appeal

G4tv.com, despite its steady descent into web antiquity, is not unpleasant to view.
The tight menus, grey gradients, and overall theming is starting look dated, but this site is still more pleasant to look at than some of the more up-to-date sites in 2016!

The colors do not clash and provide good contrast for scanning page sections and looking for links. The images are crisp and placed well. If there were any nitpicks to be had about the design of the site, it would be that the text is a bit too small and scrunched together. They could have increased the line height a few pixels, but its all good. All in all, the site is fairly decent on the eyes.


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