Frustrated Teens And Docks Bricking Switches: Kotaku XP 3/30/2018

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We’ve got a streamer faux pas, disillusioned teens, docks bricking Switches, Carmen Sandiego, Dragon Quest, and more on Kotaku XP, our weekly video roundup of what the heck is going on with games and the people who play them. Consider it Kotaku Cliff’s Notes. Watching Gita Jackson and I talk is probably sufficient studying for the inevitable quiz.

This week, Ninja said a word he shouldn’t have said. What a world we live in. When I was growing up in feudal Japan, ninjas didn’t say any words at all. They just killed in silence, from the shadows. A talking Ninja is doomed to say something he isn’t supposed to say.

Well, that was my joke for this week. Come back next week for another joke like the one above, and also to click “play” on that video up there.

Here are the stories we discussed this week!

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