Freeslots.Guru ( is one of the top free demo websites offering users a chance to experience fun, free slots before jumping in head first into the for money slots gaming. The website features a detailed overview of who the customer base is for such a website, and why he/she, (the owner claims to be a Raccoon), chose this platform to launch their business.

Feature Site Info features a new Chrome Browser Add-on banner, and the newest free slots online as well as guides and playing free slots without making a deposit. There is also easy access to social media channels for liking, sharing, pinning, and re-posting the latest news and updates to your own social media network of choice. You can also find a handy guide for brand new players to get started.

“While most slot machine websites only focus on offering slot machines, FreeSlots goes the extra mile and provides players with different guides that will help them understand slots and the software developers behind them.” (

Frequency of Updates

With no dates on the pages, it is hard to determine how new the information is though it is updated with a list of 2016 games of the year. The sidebar offers a list of reviewed and rated games the developer has tested and recommended. There is a slew of information for getting started as a free slots player, updated within the last year.

The updates are likely daily as this is the sole income of the site developer and a website such as this will need maintenance on a regular basis. The updates available include a beginner’s guide, the top online slot machine games available, and information regarding USA and Canadian players who would like to participate without breaking any laws.

Variety of Content

Although the website content is limited to free online slot games that do not require a download or deposit, there is still a wide variety of content offered for everyone who is interested in this kind of online gaming.

The variety of content offered is unique in that each game has a unique feature the developers have added to come out ahead of competition. Some examples of the variety of content include:

3-Reeled (Fruit Machine) Classic Slots: This category offers players an old school gaming experience with few bells and whistles. The typical 3-reeled slot game offers wild symbols and jackpots but not much offered by way of storyline and visual appeal.

Advanced Multi Payline Video Slots: This category offers players a more ‘immersive’ gaming experience with bigger payouts, free spins, and wilds to enhance gameplay and player appeal.

3-D Video Slots: This category offers players the most realistic experience with the 3-D reels and interactive gameplay. The characters and reels are all 3-D and players are able to really enjoy the free slots as if they were at the casino, while in the comfort of their own home.

Ways to Win Slots: This category offers players a more robust playing experience as there is more than one way to win. Sure, you can win via the jackpot payouts but the multi-lined payouts and bonus rounds will offer more ways to win with matching games and various mini-games to keep the players engaged.

Progressive Slots: Finally, the progressive slots game category offers players a unique experience were they are able win more as more players place bets and begin playing the game. This is more attractive for larger games as the more players the more you can win.

Visual Appeal

Don’t let the white space and lack of graphics fool you. The visual appeal of this website is sub-par but the information that is available is top-notch. The developer’s could offer clear screenshots of gameplay, which is nice for a sneak peek.

However, the site could be dressed up with less white space and more visually engaging headings, titles, and interactive links to keep the skeptic new to the site engaged and willing to try out the slots offered.


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