EuroGamerIn the gaming world, players delight in a wide variety of platforms in which to participate in. Whether it’s playing as a single player, going at it with a buddy sitting next to them, or taking on someone online, the thrill of competition is there, bringing the gamer back time and time again to experience these contests, as well as to hone their game playing skills.

For the gamer that would like to attain a great deal more information on games, systems, reviews, and a wide variety of other points of interest, Eurogamer ( is just the forum they should really check out.

Featured Site Info for Eurogamer features an extraordinary volume of material users have quick and easy access to, one or two clicks away. They can get Reviews here, current to the day, or going back months or even years in the archive.

Along with Reviews in the taskbar across the top of the homepage, other accessible areas of interest include News, Recommended Games, Videos, Digital Foundry, Release Dates, Guides, and Forum, where they can ask questions and get feedback from other users online. And perhaps the most utilized area on this page, the Search box, is in this taskbar as well.

To help users get to their specific areas of interest, the site’s homepage features on the left-hand side of the screen prominently placed areas for Platform selection and the specific format the user elects to view under Type.

In the Platform, users can select from one of the following:

PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Wii U
PlayStation Vita

Under Type, the following can be selected:


Frequency of Updates at Eurogamers

It’s rather surprising how many changes and updates there are in the gaming world on a daily basis. Once the user logs in to, they will see just how trust this is.

Updates on games, gaming systems, and other topical information and commentary is provided daily; in some cases, in certain situations, new updates may even be seen on an hourly basis. Most certainly, this is not a static website. Much, much quicker than new games, tips, and technology come about, will be there, as well as the considerable number of loyal members, covering all developments current to the industry.

And speaking of Updates, just today, the company added a new article recommendation system to their website. This system has been designed to recommend articles of similar nature to the article that the user is viewing by way of insertion into those articles themselves.

These insertions come as either plain text links or full image/headline/description widgets. Eurogamer wants to give users an opportunity to view past articles that may have otherwise been missed. Digging into archives can be a long, frustrating, and often fruitless endeavor for the user. People simply don’t want to, or have the time or patience to, look around for articles months or even years old. This may be one invaluable resource that can bring many relevant articles back into light, items that may still be of help and interest to many.

Variety of Content

Unlike some other gaming sites whose focus can stray away from what the gamer is on the site for (after all, who goes to a gaming site to read up on TV show reviews or upcoming movie premieres?), focuses on gaming. In a wide variety of different means, the focus is on the games and the gaming industry.

Whether it be by straight written text, or by video presentations on such powerhouse media network outlets as YouTube, they can find it all here.

When, for instance, the Video tab is engaged on the homepage, users will go directly to the YouTube site, where a considerable number of Uploads are available for viewing. It also provides a panel with ‘Cool Channels You should Check’, giving the viewer the opportunity to subscribe to a considerable number of channels that can really expand their gaming horizons.

Visual Appeal

The composition of each page on the site is clean, clear, ordered, and easy to quickly scan. Articles on given topics are highlighted in blue text, with a brief one sentence synopsis of the given article’s content provided directly below the article title.

For members looking to sign in, or for prospective members looking to create a new account, these tabs are up in the top right corner of the homepage, uncluttered and easy to see and access quickly.

Scrolling down the homepage, a number of the most current articles, with an accompanying photo, will be listed, able to be clicked on. At the bottom of the homepage, Recently popular topics can be clicked on and checked out further. Popular topics under the individual headings of Reviews, Digital Foundry, Previews, Opinions, Videos, and Guides.

This most informative and entertaining website is absolutely free to become a member of, and works equally well on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


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