Endgadget Does Gaming – Overview

Endgadget, launched in March 2004, is a blog focused on technology and hardware news. They offer a section on gaming news (www.engadget.com/gaming/), which includes news and reviews of software and hardware related to the gaming culture. The site is popular for its daily news on technology and hardware and is frequently quoted by other bloggers and websites. The site was purchased by AOL in 2005, and they continue to own and operate the blog.

Featured Site Info

As can be expected, the site concentrates more on hardware than software. Features can be found discussing specific hardware, as well as other gadgets and devices which might appeal to the gaming community, but will often have a wider appeal among technophiles. They do serve up a fair amount of gaming industry news, but few, if any, reviews of specific titles.

Frequency of Updates

The site is updated regularly, with hardware news and reviews being posted in a timely fashion. Gaming news is updated as well, but coverage is a bit limited, and visitors looking for more focused gaming industry news are likely to be frustrated with their lack of comprehensive coverage.

Variety of Content

The content is mostly focused on hardware, which is where Endgadget shines. Hardware and technology news is plentiful and varied. Hardware reviews, which are the site’s mainstay, are comprehensive, and neither overly conservative or liberal in praise or criticism.

Articles and reviews are typically short and pointed. This is a two-edged sword, as some visitors will prefer the quick and clean style of the articles, but others may be left wanting if they were hoping for more in depth coverage. The overall editorial style of the site leans towards shorter pieces, but espouses a clean and crisp writing style, and steers away from unneeded jargon or slang. The nature of the work is technical, but most of the articles should be accessible to the less technically inclined visitor.

The site makes liberal use of tagging, which aids searching either from the blog or from search engines like Google or Yahoo. Related articles are linked together, and can be accessed easily.

Visual Appeal

The site is somewhat minimalist in presentation, sticking with a 3 column format at first, but switching to a 2 column format after the visitor scrolls down a bit. Scrolling down to the end of the page will lead viewers to list of articles spread throughout Endgadget, and the standard list of navigation and information links at the bottom of the page.

Text and background contrast is excellent overall, sticking to black text on a white background, but links, by lines, and other secondary items often use light greys which can make reading them a bit challenging. The use of font and text sizes makes for a high level of readability. Bold type and underlining are used sparingly, which is refreshing.
The site makes use of graphics in a somewhat haphazard manner, often using overly large graphics which, due to some formatting errors, can obscure article text or headlines on the main page.

Ads are present, but not overly so, and are placed and separated from content in a way that limits accidental clicks. Several views of the page from different devices did not result in loading any ads with audio or video that runs automatically, a plus for visitors that want to minimize distractions.

Navigation is simple, due mostly to the basic format of the blog. Links are well placed and easy to find. Top page content is limited, so scrolling down to the bottom doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.


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