destructoidDestructoid ( is a very hip, dated and an exhilarating website. It is a great Internet site for people who have a passion for video games. They are a media outlet for honors artwork, reports the gaming news, and reveal the truth on the marketing of games. In the site the viewer can find deals, hot topics, reviews, videos and they can look at community blog posts. has an online and offline community that unites gamers.

Featured Site Info

Destructoid is divided into five sections. The five sections are titled Hot, Deals, Reviews Video and Community. On the left-hand side of the webpage is a login and sign up section. In the signup section, the viewer is able to create a username, input their email and create a personalized password. After entering the information the viewer is asked to upload a picture. The next screen is where the viewer is able to add a theme or subtitle to their blog.  Viewers are also able to post a witty saying. Underneath the login section are two scroll down tabs with the title Genre and Device. After the sign-up process is done the viewer is able to blog and check their inbox for messages. Two other categories appear after the viewer becomes a member. These categories are Qtoid and Cblogs sections.

On Qtoid the viewer is able to post video, images and they are able to write their own review games.

On Cblogs there are specific topics a viewer can post and then other members can post comments to that blog. They can heart or share the topic page. The reviews focus on current and upcoming games. The viewer is able to search by platform and by alphabet letter. The deals section lets the viewer know of special deals on games and consoles. Hot is geared toward the top 25 subjects currently being discussed. The video section displays videos and articles related to the video. There are several social media icons where the viewer is able to share a particular article, video or review.

The viewer is able to follow other members in the community and the other members are able to follow that viewer back. There is a online store. Viewers are able to click on the tab and then they are directed to the store. The store sells gadgets, software, intriguing hats, watches, SD cards, One VPN subscriptions, earphones, posters, etc. Clicking on the +quick takes the viewer to the FAQ (recently asked question) section.

Frequency of Updates

At Destructoid the viewer is able to stay updated with the latest game trailers and reviews on a daily basis. They can also get updated and daily blog topics. There is also the ability to stay updated with the community itself.

Variety of Content

The content on is well written, humorous and current. The community is also able to add some content that has to first be approved by Destructoid staff. centers mainly on games and videos. There’s content on consoles because it relates to the games. The viewer can also find content on controllers and other game devices.

The viewer for the games, consoles, controllers and other devices can search reviews for. On the very top of the site the viewer can find content on Japanese games by clicking on the word japanator. They also have content on Anime series for the true at heart anime fan. The viewer can find discussions that relate to anime. Anime lovers can keep up-to-date on their favorite anime series, movies, music and manga. The flixist tab has content where the viewer can read about an upcoming film. They can also watch movie trailers.

The Tomopop tab section has content related to GameToys, Toy reviews and popular toys. On the right hand side are lists of trending contents. Right under that is the latest topic being posted on the community. There is an upvote filter on top that allows the viewer to search by the most and least upvotes.

Visual Appeal

Destructoid is a gamers dream site and their go to for game reviews and well structure contents. The viewer will be pleased with how each category is sectioned. It is professional and well thought out. The images and content is positioned very cleanly. It is not cluttered the image and content is well spaced out. The robot Destructoid icon is well drawn and fits with the red and black upper background. The artworks for the games are extremely pleasing to the eye. The videos sound and picture quality are clear. The search tab is easy to find.


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