Visitors to the website immediately see a list of casinos ranked by, with screenshots, bonuses, a link to a comprehensive review and a link to the casino. In keeping with their name, also provides visitors with the best casinos to play slots, with all of the same information they provide about the top casinos. Scrolling down, visitors find enough information about playing slots that even a novice would feel comfortable walking into a casino and heading straight to the slot machines.

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Beside casino and slot game reviews, features well-written articles. Anyone seeking information about how to play slot games will find the perfect place to start. In-depth explanations of pay tables and play charts are especially helpful to novice players. explains how the often elaborate bonus features work, what the bet max feature does and they also spell out when players should use the auto play feature. Once the reader understands the basics, they can go on to read reviews of slot games to find one with a theme that they would enjoy.’s reviews of slot games are so engaging that the reader will feel like they have actually played the game. Each review, and there are a multitude of them, is professionally written and exceptionally comprehensive. The writers also inject humor into their reviews that will cause readers laugh out loud.

Casino reviews focus on the slot games each casino offers, although they do write about the other games that are at hand. Individuals who click on the link to the casino will not experience any surprises¬†since’s reviews describe the language used at the casino, the currency accepted, deposit and payout options and the payout percentage.

Frequency of Updates

When developers release new slot games, updates their website with detailed reviews of the games. Visitors also see the latest casino promotions, such as welcome bonuses and new member bonuses, allowing them to decide which casino review to read first.

Variety of Content

While focuses on slot games, there is nothing about slot games that is not covered on the website, from the history of the game to the meaning of each of the symbols seen in slot games.

People may not expect a website about online slots to reveal how land-based slot machines work, however, does, in addition to explaining the etiquette that land-based slot players should follow.

Slot game strategy is also covered, which lets visitors make the most of the game, even though admits that slots are a game of pure chance. encourages readers to quit while they are ahead and tells them to quit when they are on a losing streak. also has the obligatory terms of service page, which makes it clear that visitors are responsible for following the laws of their country regarding online gambling.

Visual Appeal’s professional layout is simple, yet visually appealing; the very few ads that appear do not detract from the content. The designer chose black text on a white background, which is highly readable.

Unlike other websites that review casinos,’s focus is on reviews of slot games and slot strategy, therefore, the website does not feature the typical, and sometimes annoying, flashing casino ads. Instead, the two column layout encourages further reading.

Practical Operation of

Despite the content-rich pages, loads quickly and scrolling down rapidly does not present any problem for visitors. Links, whether to another page on the website or links to casinos, all work perfectly. There is a search feature that works well, however, the navigation to the overwhelming amount of information is intuitive.


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