Best Twitch Streams

The Best Twitch Streamers


Like many of the best Twitch streams, Imaqtpie started out his career as a professional video game player. He was a well-known League of Legends LCS player that played the AD Carry role for team Dignitas. Imaqtpie announced that he would not be signing up for another season with the team in 2015. He is originally from Margate, Flordia and was a prominent USA player. Since his glory days, he has become a full time streamer and will usually be on in the early morning at least five days a week, with some weeks streaming a full seven days.

He has several accounts in Challenger tier accounts and was once located at the top Challenger position for a few days. Fans that enjoy his stream will get to see him in the bottom lane mainly as the AD Carry, and often as the Support. From time to time he will play mid lane, in which he likes to main Xerath. He has a very sarcastic and pleasant attitude that makes his gameplay quite enjoyable to watch. Unlike many players, he doesn’t usually ever get mad at the game and has even been known to donate skins to players that have bad attitudes in his games with sarcastic messages.

One of the most common phrases in League of Legends chat, particularly during tournaments, is “raise your dongers”. It usually involves a meme face image raising its hands in the air. Many people don’t realize that this phrase came straight from Imaqtpie. This phrase is commonly spammed in Twitch chat.

If you miss his early morning streams, you can check out his many videos on Youtube. Imaqtpie will normally post a video every couple of days that takes highlights from his stream. While he doesn’t edit the videos himself, he does pay attention to the comments and they are all based off of his fresh gameplay.

Any longtime fans of Imaqtpie will notice that he wears a white shirt with almost every stream, which his fans will often give him some heat for. He has two cats that are a common part of the stream as they walk across his desk or make themselves noticeable, with the fan favorite being Small Cat.


During the professional era of his career he was well known for his Corki gameplay, but now spends most of his time playing Ezreal.

He liked to troll during professional tournaments by picking up Twitch or Evelynn until the last second, and then changing over to the real champion that he intended to play. At the time both of these were very off-meta picks.

He came up with his nickname of “Imaqtpie” simply because his mother told him that he was cute. Many friends will refer to him as “the pie” as a trendy shortened version of his name.

Imaqtpie was originally a mid-lane player before the current meta actually came around. Once marksman champions became popular in the bottom lane, he switched over to AD Carry.

Imaqtpie has 12 accounts with most of them being on the NA servers.

Soda PoppinSodapoppin

Sodapoppin is one of the most popular streamers delivering the best Twitch streams with a following of 138,947,724. He normally will have audiences of at least 20,000 people watching him at all times, although it will often be much higher than that. His real name is Chance Morris, and so people often refer to him as Chance rather than Sodapoppin because he doesn’t try to hide it at all. His girlfriend Leah also streams, although she has often been banned for inappropriate behavior on her channel.

Chance got started with streaming World of Warcraft as a Warcraft only stream. However, as the game as declined over the years, so has his interest and the interest of his viewers. He is now a variety streamer that will play an abundance of different games on his stream, often changing between games each day. Chance will stream at least five days a week unless there’s a reason not to due to travel or special events, which is not uncommon since he gets invited to participate in a lot of gaming events.

One of his most popular streaming times is during his “Shit Show Saturdays” in which he lets his viewers choose the games that he plays. These streams are enjoyable for fans because they get to be a bit more involved and will be able to suggest games that they want him to try out. These games range all the way from crappy flash games on the Internet down to random games that people enjoy on Steam. Chance will play the game until he gets bored, and then switch on to the next game on his agenda. He will take suggestions throughout the week leading up to the Saturday stream and then try to get all of the games in on one day, saving any leftovers for the next stream.

Another way that Chance will let his viewers get involved is by allowing them to submit Youtube videos as donations for him to watch on Stream. Only available sometimes, this gives viewers the opportunity to show off game trailers, entertain the stream with funny videos, and much more. Chance requires that submitted videos have a high amount of views to ensure that they won’t contain nudity or inappropriate material that might get his channel banned on Twitch. He will also not click any links that don’t go to Youtube for security reasons.


Chance had his first popular video on Youtube in 2012 which was titled “Sodapoppin Playing Amnesia 2”. He now has over 440,000 YouTube subscribers following his channel.

Originally a bashing stream in which he would make plenty of crude comments, Sodapoppin’s stream has matured over the years and he has become a bit friendlier and laid back.

Sodapoppin is one of the wealthiest and most highly donated streamers on Twitch. In his early 20s, he already owns a house and often boasts about the massive amount of money that he has.

Another streamer once stole $20,000 out of Sodapoppin’s PayPal account, which sparked a major controversy and a police investigation.


Lirik is the single most popular streamer on Twitch and perhaps the most well-known name in the entire community. He started streaming on Twitch back in 2011 when the platform originally began to take off. If was an avid World of Warcraft player for quite awhile but didn’t become a consistent streamer until the early part of 2012 when DayZ had first come out. From there, he began playing DayZ almost every day and his channel quickly grew as people enjoyed his gameplay and commentary. Now, his channel will average about 25,000 viewers at all times and he has 143,000,000+ followers. You can pop on by Lirik’s stream 6 days a week, with the only exception being on Thursdays. He will stream during the middle of the day for about 7 hours a day.

His most popular stream will be on Sundays during “Sub Sunday”. This is a day where subscribers get to vote on the games that Lirik plays. It offers some incentive for people to setup a monthly donation plan to Lirik in order to be able to have a vote in what should be played during these days, alongside the special emotes and other little bonuses that come with being a Lirik subscriber.

Lirik is also pretty well known for his 24-hour streams. These are streams in which he will continually play games and interact with his Twitch chat for an entire 24 hour block of time. These are entertaining because it has the highest amount of gameplay and allows for viewers to pop in at anytime throughout the day rather than just at Lirik’s regular scheduled hours. He will normally not stream the day after one of these streams in order to catch up on sleep.

The abundance of games that he plays is likely the reason that he is so popular and has become such a big stream on Twitch. He is found in a bunch of game channels and will always be the top featured player since he already has a huge following. This makes it easy for new viewers to find his stream while looking for gameplay on a game that they commonly watch.

The interesting part about Lirik’s stream is that he doesn’t use a face cam. Most big streams will have a face cam because users like to see the streamer’s reactions and facial expressions, but Lirik has managed to gain a lot of traffic without the use of this popular feature. He doesn’t even use any sort of special overlay and doesn’t have anything major that makes his stream stand out from a first look. Many viewers will cite that they enjoy his stream because of his funny banter and overall enjoyable attitude. Also, since he plays a different game almost every day, his long time fans don’t tire out of watching the same game each day.

You can watch Lirik over at his Twitch channel or you can hop on over to Youtube to see some of his many videos that he has posted over there.


Trick2G was never a professional League of Legends players, and yet he has managed to become one of the most popular League streams out there. He has a very unique playstyle and very expressive reactions to events that happen within his games, making him entertaining to watch. He is very loud at random times, so it’s advised that anyone watching Trick2G keep their volume on low. He will rage and shout out in excitement at a high volume, so don’t wear headphones while watching his stream either.

Trick2G was the original stream that began doing “Sub Wars” and is one of the very few that actually does them. These events allow for subscribers to play games against other subscribers at their matchmaking level. Trick2G will create brackets based off divisions, such as platinum or silver, and then setup the games. He will begin spectating and commenting on games shortly after they start. This gives viewers the opportunity to have their own gameplay on stream and to be roasted or praised a little bit by Trick2G. It’s quite entertaining to listen to Trick2G make fun of the bad players, which is probably why these events are so popular.

Trick2G has recently expanded out with other games that he chooses to play on stream as well. The most popular side pick would be Dayz – King of the Hill. This is a game in which players are dropped into an apocalyptic environment and have to try and be the last person standing. Many viewers that play the game will jump into the same game as Trick and try to kill him. The longer the match goes, the less space there is for players to spread out in. The area is surrounded by gas that will move in closer at set intervals to force players to come together and eliminate one another.

Most popular League of Legends streamers are either professional players or at least Challenger ranking, but Trick2G is neither of these things. People tend to like him based entirely off his personality, although Trick is a pretty good player. He has a strategy he likes to refer to as “breaching the gates” in which he tries to split push and take out enemy towers. His main champion is Udyr, who is an exceptional split pushing champion. He is one of the quickest champions in the game which allows for him to run when he pulls in attention from the enemy team, and is also able to take out towers very quickly. He will usually try to pull multiple people to his split pushed lane so that his team can win an advantaged fight, or decimate whoever the enemy team sends down to 1v1 him and then either continue to split or go join his team’s fight.

Trick2G streams most days and consistently uploads videos to his YouTube channel for a constant supply of entertainment.

Fun Fact: Trick2G used to live on a boat that he turned into a small apartment.


Nightblue3 is a League of Legends streamer that became very popular due to his informal streams in which he would give detailed descriptions for everything he did to help teach the game to players looking to improve. He got his biggest boost when he decided to do an unranked to Challenger stream, in which he tried to reach Challenger from an unranked account in just one weeks time. While he didn’t quite make it, Nightblue3 did manage to get up to Diamond 3 in just a week which was really impressive.

Nightblue3 has never actually played on the professional scene but after becoming a popular streamer he was invited to be a substitute for TSM’s jungler. He was never needed, and this was more than likely part of TSM’s marketing campaign since Nightblue3 is highly likeable. While he is no longer on TSM, he now streams full time and will usually do 7-hourNightblue3 streams throughout the week. Nightblue3 likes to stream early on in the morning but will not stream if Riot Games is streaming a tournament out of respect. He also uploads a new Youtube video based off of his streams every few days which highlights his plays and adds in a bit of humor.

Ever since season 2 Nightblue has managed to reach Challenger every year. In Season 3 he reached the number 3 spot on the North America solo queue ladder, putting him among the best of the best. These days he has a bunch of accounts that he plays on and usually doesn’t play on them once they reach high diamond or above since the queue time takes a lot longer, so he hasn’t been as competitive as he was in previous years.

Nightblue3 is a jungle main so that is normally where you will find him if you watch his streams. He tries to play a variety of champions to keep it interesting, changing champs every game. However, he does have some clear favorites, but these change with the meta. His best and favorite jungler is Rengar, which is perhaps his most well known champion as well. In season 4 he popularized Kha’zix and before that he was a Rammus main. Nightblue3 also enjoys playing Elise, which he commonly plays off stream while playing Challenger solo queue.

Nightblue3 is one of the few streamers that is able to get a large audience without using a face cam. He has used a face cam for very special events, such as his 100 million follower mark. His stream isn’t as informal as it once was, but now he spends more time communicating with the chat and reading messages from his viewers and playing off-meta champions in high elo games to make it more interesting. Some of Nightblue’s favorite quotes include “c – y- at sign” and “stay out of my jungle”. Some fans have even made videos making fun of these quotes since he says them so frequently.

Nightblue3 is sponsored by Gfuel and Curse.


TrumpSC, not to be affiliated with Donald Trump in any way, got his start on Twitch through the release of Hearthstone. Compared to many other big name streamers, TrumpSC is actually one of the fresher faces in the industry and has only been streaming for a couple of years. He is considered to be a professional Hearthstone player and was also known to play Heroes of Warcraft and Starcraft II. However, unlike most professional players that stream, he actually became a pro through his stream rather than vice versa. Many players will join up on a team and play in some massive tournaments before becoming popular on Twitch because it gets their name out there and gives their personal brand a little bit of interest, but TrumpSC became popular on Twitch which allowed for him to become noticed for a professional team. Bit backwards, but it launched his career.

TrumpSC currently plays Hearthstone for TSM, a team that got its start in League of Legends and has since branched out to other games. He is considered to be one of the most competitive Hearthstone players in the North American scene. Before becoming active on Twitch and playing Hearthstone, he was a member of Team Legion and Vega Squadron during his time as a Starcraft II player.

Although he looks much younger, Trump is 29 and has a Bachelor’s in finance and management. He lives in California and attends many events over in San Francisco. He does have some history in professional gaming, but was never a major figure until his Hearthstone days. He now streams full time for a living and consistently is ranked in the “legendary” ranking in the game.

TrumpSC got to play at the BlizzCon Innkeeper’s Invitational tournament, and managed to defeat renowned former StarCraft colleague Husky near the end of the tournament during the quarter finals round. However, Trump ended up losing to Artosis – another prominent StarCraft player – in the semifinal round of the tournament and was eliminated.

Trump is also pretty popular for his free to play decks. These are cheap budget decks that he has used to reach Legendary in Hearthstone just as an example of how powerful they can be. These types of decks are fan favorites because they don’t take any real world currency investment or even any time in the game in order to be able to build them. Trump has managed to reach legendary ranking with a free to play mage, free to play warlock, a free to play Shaman, and a free to play priest deck.

Trump’s stream is pretty laid back and has a lot of dry humor that keeps it entertaining. Fans get to watch his thought process and will often be offered explanations as to why he played his cards a certain way. These explanations might be based around cards that he expects the other player to have in their deck or hand still, or around future plays – things that the average player wouldn’t think about on the spot.


Cowsep is a League of Legends Twitch streamer that has a unique twist that makes his stream stand out from the others. As his name implies, Cowsep’s stream is based around a cow theme. During each stream he wears a cow outfit. This outfit is a full body suit with a cow imprint on it, as well as cow-head hat with horns. It is likely that he got the idea for a cow-based theme from his lifetime of living on a farm.

Cowsep started his career in streaming as a part-time streamer. He had moved to South Korea in order to teach, and would stream on NA servers. Eventually, he began to earn enough money from his stream to be able to do it full time and quit teaching. However, he still remains in Korea and plays on the servers over there rather than playing on the North American servers.

Beyond just the cow theme, Cowsep has some other interesting perks of his stream. He owns a website in which viewers can register and earn special rewards to interact with the stream. From his site you can collect items for your own personal cow avatar or you purchase rewards to cause an emote or interaction to pop up on his stream. There are different item sets ranging from an AFK set to a Dragon set. Sometimes there will be special event items that players can collect as well. This is something that is truly special with Cowsep’s stream that you don’t really see anywhere else.

In order to earn points viewers can either keep the stream open, whether they are active or not, or they can bet on Cowsep’s games. They can choose whether or not they think Cowsep’s team will win or the enemy team will win. If they choose the correct side they will receive their reward after the game, which will be coins that can be put towards website and stream rewards.

Cowsep is a fairly good player but has never hit Challenger. He peaked at Master tier in Korea, and has peaked at Diamond 1 on NA servers. He has several accounts that he plays on and is most well known for his Master Yi plays. His most famous quote that is often cited around Master Yi is “I was in alpha!”. When Yi uses his Alpha Strike ability he is supposed to become untargetable, and so when Cowsep dies in alpha he often rages. This will usually happen as a result of damage over time effects that get placed on him before entering Alpha Strike. Cowsep is also mainly responsible for the teleport/smite summoner spells taken on Yi jungle.

Cowsep’s least favorite champions are Alistar and Riven. This makes sense since these two champions are very good at killing Master Yi, or at least messing up his ability to kill other players. He will always ban Riven if he is given the opportunity to select a ban a champion.



TSM_Dyrus has been one of the most dominant players in League of Legends since the game released for beta testing. He started out his professional career as a support player when he played for All or Nothing, an early team to the game that is no longer around. Once the team disbanded Dyrus had then decided to join up with Epik Gamer, in which he switched from the support role to the top lane role. This is when he first began to get lots of attention on Twitch, resulting from his laid back personality and massive success on the professional scene. He was eventually noticed by the start-up team TSM Gaming, and ended up moving into their gaming house while still playing for Epik Gamer. TheRainMan decided to resign from Team Solo Mid, which left the team without a top laner. This opened up room for Dyrus to be invited onto the team, and this would launch his long-standing professional career with the team. He resigned from Epik Gamer and was placed on the official roster of TSM.

While most players get their fame from their professional team, this was the opposite case for Dyrus with Team Solo Mid. TSM was somewhat known but hadn’t made themselves a clear mark on the professional scene before Dyrus joined up. Through Dyrus, as well as success playing in the LCS after he joined up with the team, TSM managed to become the most well-known team in North America.

Dyrus is no longer on TSM as a player. In the later part of 2015 the team announced that Dyrus would be retiring from the roster. This was big news for League of Legends fans, and Riot even had Dyrus do a short interview following his last game for the team. This was a very emotional interview in which Dyrus apologized for losing the game and playing poorly recently, but he received a lot of support and encouragement from his fans.

There was a long standing joke that Dyrus would never receive ganks from his junglers. Top lane was often ignored by TSM junglers to focus on the carry lanes, forcing Dyrus to play champions that he could farm with from a distance and hold out as long as possible.

Dyrus is now a full time streamer that is still signed under the TSM brand, even though he is no longer a player on their roster. He continues to stream League of Legends but more often plays Overwatch. He has built himself up as one of the best Roadhog players in Overwatch. While playing League of Legends he continues to play top lane and doesn’t branch out from that lane too often. If he’s not playing top lane he will sometimes play jungle.

A little known fact is that Dyrus’s mom was once ranked as the number one Enchantress in EverQuest. He attributes his mother as being part of the reason that he got into gaming, and is likely why he became so competitive.


Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is a professional League of Legends player that streams often during the week, usually at the later part of the evening. He currently plays the AD Carry role for team Cloud Nine, which is a team that has been perceived as one of the best in North America and has consistently performed on the LCS stage. C9 has also been a long standing rival of Team Solo Mid, another prominent NA team.

Sneaky is one of the longest standing players in League of Legends, starting on the game back when it was in beta when he had received a beta key invite. Ironically, his original reaction to the game was that “it sucked” and didn’t think that he would continue to play it. However, this was very early on in the game and was before many of the features that it now has were introduced. It had no map, meaning you could only see characters on your screen and weren’t able to see other things going on around the platform. It wasn’t until he became bored of Heroes of Newerth a couple of months later that he went back to League of Legends and began to enjoy the game. He started out by playing Gangplank, although he will quote Veigar as being the first champion that he mained.

When he became noticed as a skillful player in Solo Queue he was invited to join his first professional team with professional gamer jpak. He had joined onto Absolute Legends so that he could get some experience on the professional scene and get to try out competitive tournaments. When the team had broken apart he quickly built his own team that was made under Pulse eSports, but they ended up losing the qualifiers for MLG as well as IPL and were shifting players around, so he lost confidence in the team’s ability to move further and resigned. He joined up with Quantic Gaming in the early part of 2013 before later being picked up by Cloud Nine.

The reason that fans tend to enjoy Sneaky’s stream so much is the fact that he embraces memes and odd/crude comments made by people in chat and through donations. Most streamers will choose to ban these types of people or ignore them, but he tends to join in on the fun and doesn’t try to censor his Twitch viewers. Sneaky is pretty laid back and just tries to enjoy the game, rather than play too competitively like he does during personal practices and in tournaments. It’s a nice change of pace and a really good way to see the personality of professional player.

Sneaky is also well known for being able to find bugs within the game, gaining him the reference of “bug catcher”. Not only does he continually come across them within his game, but he even managed to find a bug during an LCS game while on stage. While an embarrassment for Riot Games, it was certainly enjoyable for fans.


Matthew “Ducksauce” Rhode is a creative and unique variety streamer that plays different games depending on how he is feeling, offering a new experience almost every stream. He will often play the newest games that come out starting on the day they are released, so viewers are always able to check out all the hype on any new releases. This is a good way to see some gameplay footage before spending your own money on a game.

Ducksauce will sometimes stream part time, and other times will stream full time. He takes work as a voice actor, which means that he will occasionally have a gig he’ll be working on and at other times he will have plenty of streaming opportunity when the work is slim. His career as a voice actor definitely adds an interesting twist to the stream and makes just listening to the stream in the background enjoyable. However, the one flaw that some people will be quick to point out is that he has less gameplay during his stream than most other streams because he spends a lot of his time being personal and humorous by talking with his audience. His stream is more for those that enjoy the entertainer more than just the game, which might be why he has such a loyal following no matter what game he is on.

Ducksauce likes to keep his stream interactive and entertaining, and will do so by playing special sound effects or music at hilarious points of the stream. He has a soundboard setup with his streaming gear, so with just a push of a button he can throw in comical effects into his gameplay. This is something that you don’t see with most streams and is available in this stream partly due to his career background.

Ducksauce has his own website at where he gives a brief description and background of himself. Beyond that, anyone who comes across his site can get a first look at his stream and gaming setup. This is mainly used as a portfolio so that he can show off what he does to gain some business interest on both the streaming side of his career as well as the voice acting side. For this reason, business inquiries can send him a message from the website to get in contact with him.

Overall, if you’re the type of Twitch viewer that prefers to watch streams for the entertainer moreso than the games, then Ducksauce is a good choice. You’ll get a good mix of humor and interaction, and get to interact with a broadcaster on a more personal level. His stream will usually have just over 1,000 people watch, so it has a good enough following for you to be able to talk with other Twitch users while also being noticed by the broadcaster that is streaming. He will often play with friends that add their own spin on the stream and keep Duck conversing.


DasMEHDI is a variety streamer that likes to switch between games depending on how he is feeling. His brother is Lirik, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, who has been a huge help in getting him started on Twitch. DasMEHDI also goes by the name DonCoco, which he has used as his gamertag on several platforms. A well known part of his stream is his cat Luna, which he will often make references to from time to time.

DasMEHDI is probably one of the more common streamers that you will see over at the Blackjack section of Twitch. His best run ever was with a small start of just $50, which he managed to rack up to $9,000 over the course of a couple months without ever having to put in another deposit. By Blackjack standards, this is an amazing feat and he certainly was able to overcome some tremendous odds. He didn’t even follow any special strategy, but instead followed a basic strategy chart and would sometimes bet using his gut, which seemed to constantly pay off.

Das had a lot of fun with the dealers and knows most of them over at BetOnline. His stream is well known for causing drama over in Costa Rica at the Live Casino facility because of the fact that he is a streamer and he likes to poke fun at some of the dealers. He is good friends with one dealer, Vivienne, and also likes to flirt with the dealer Mary. Many other dealers don’t like to deal for him because they hate popping up on the stream, although some do enjoy it out of good fun.

DasMEHDI loves to chat during his stream and will constantly watch the Twitch chat and reply. He isn’t a huge streamer, so his chat has a nice flow that makes it easy for him to reply to almost everyone. He’ll openly answer questions and carry on conversations with both subs and non-subs alike. During his gameplay he has really entertaining reactions which is likely why he has such a big following. When something jumps out or scares him he will give loud scream yells. He also has a good sense of humor and makes his interactions with other players enjoyable to watch.

DasMEHDI is a streamer that likes to try out all of the new games, even before they become officially released. You will often see him play beta versions of games that are still in development, or perhaps just new releases. This doesn’t stop him from picking up on older titles, he’s gone back and played games like Garry’s Mod or Minecraft just for the fun of it.

He will normally have somewhere between 300 and 600 viewers in each stream, and streams almost every week day. This gives you five opportunities a week to catch up on the action and see what game he is playing today. No matter the game, it’s always an enjoyable stream to watch.


There are very few League of Legends players that haven’t heard of or at least been effected by Voyboy in some way. He is one of the oldest and most popular League of Legends streamers out there. Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani has played on the professional scene under several teams, including Luminosity Gaming as well as Curse Gaming. He has also played for Team Dignitas and CLG Prime. He is 21 years old and comes out of Berkeley, California, and plays on the North American servers.

Even though his professional career has played a big role in his rise on Twitch, he is mainly known for his odd builds that have played a major influence on Solo Queue players. He is also known for playing champions outside of their typical roles. One example of this would be his Vayne top that he made popular during season 3. Vayne is typically an AD Carry player that stays in the bot lane with a support, so pinning her in the top lane was an interesting strategy. However, it managed to work out really well while Vayne was strong because she has some defensive mechanics that keep her safe along with an anti-tank kit, which is what you primarily see in the top lane. Her W does a percent of the target’s health, meaning it was good at melting tanks that generally stacked armor and health.

Voyboy prefers to play assassins and champions that are good at making plays, which will usually involve champs that have good engagements or heavy burst damage. One of his top assassins is Fizz, which he’ll take into the top or mid lane. Voyboy was responsible for the tank fizz meta that players saw for quite awhile in both solo queue and even on the professional scene a little bit. Fizz does a flat percent of health to enemies when he autos, meaning he didn’t necessarily need to build damage and could instead go tanky so that he can continue to auto targets without dying.

Subscribers get a pretty neat perk from subscribing to Voyboy’s stream. Whenever he feels like it he will do subscriber games, which means that viewers watching the stream that have subscribed get a chance to actually play with him. These games will usually consist of 4 subscribers that play with him and 5 subscribers that play against him for a normal match, and then he will switch in new subscribers for new matches each round. It’s a good opportunity to get to have yourself on stream with thousands of people watching, and to play with an entertainer that you’re a fan of.

Aside from Twitch, Voyboy will sometimes upload his highlights onto YouTube to give his fans another chance to catch up on all the action. When he isn’t streaming, he spends a lot of his time practicing and preparing for tournaments with his pro team. The Boy has a laid back stream that is enjoyable for the quality gameplay moreso than the humor.


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