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Our vision

There are so many websites out there now that it is nearly impossible to find the right ones that are consistently informative and entertaining.  That’s where Game Site Reviews mission comes into play.  We review gaming websites so that our readers can find the best in gaming info when they want it.  By adding the sites we review to your bookmarks or even your Google Alerts list, our readers will eventually have the best in gaming news and all in one easy to find place.

Our Reviewers

Our reviewers have been in the gaming industry anywhere from 4 years in most cases up to 36 years.  Some are in game development, game art and others are just full time reviewers, but all of us are avid gamers.

Next Steps…

If you like what we are doing or you want to give us some encouragement, please use our contact form or email us directly at gamesitereviews.com@gmail.com.



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