1up WebsitesWhen it comes to games, 1up (http://www.1up.com/) has carved an international niche for itself with all the resources on their website. To make these resources easily accessible to users, they have been grouped under the following categories – Games, New/Reviews, Cheats, Videos, Shows and Community.

For orderliness, some of the categories have subcategories. For games, the subcategories are PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DS and PSP. When you select any of the games category, you get news, reviews, videos, cheats and guides related to that category. Most times the news include planned launch of new games in that category.

News/Reviews category offers news, reviews, previews, features, blogs and interesting cover stories. There is hardly any news about video games that escapes 1up’s attention. This is one of the reasons 1up is referred to as the home of gamers. Little wonder 1up has so many members and more gamers join every day.

The site is updated with regular, new articles on a daily basis. One striking feature of this gaming site is its limited number of ad banners and zero pop-up ads. This is because too many ads can frustrate gamers and even discourage them, especially unnecessary popups. There is always an in-depth research and investigation before any story or article is published on the site. So, whatever you find on the site is 100 percent correct.

Featured site info for 1up

1up compiles as much information as possible about every game. And this information is put in the simplest and the most interesting form so that they can appeal to gamers. Some of the content entails

• New games expected to be released soon

• Old games that have just been reviewed

• Some evergreen articles about games that may never be obsolete

1up also offers a pre-launch trailer on new video games to give gamers a feel of the game. They play the game and give feedbacks. Every game has cheats and some other tips to allow gamers improve fast. So, 1up offers several vital cheats about several games. Without these vital cheats, you could be struggling with a particular game for months without much improvement. There are secret shortcuts behind every game. Instead of launching an unending research to find the cheats of a particular game, 1up has already finished the work for you and other gamers.

Every cover story you find on 1up is the result of well researched and investigated information. They don’t publish what is yet to be investigated in the bid to be the first to break the news. Apart from that, no matter how boring a story may seem, 1up’s team of writers has a way of putting professional touch into it to make it interesting and appealing to games and general readers.

The most useful resources on 1up are the community of gamers who are already members. What do you expect when people with common interests get together on a single platform? You get intelligent ideas, quick information and much more. This is why every gamer needs to join the community of other gamers to get the best of 1up. You can get involved in several informative forums and you even get to share your own ideas too.

Frequency of updates

The gaming industry is a very fast one. Once you blink you miss so much. So, this site is updated virtually every 5 minutes. Once-in-a-day updates will not work for this kind of fast paced industry. Besides, gamers have insatiable quest for the latest news or information or some other gaming content. This is why 1up has to be up and doing. This site does not wait to receive news. Rather, it scouts for news 24 hours a day.

Gamers need to be on this site always. You could go through all the updates now and come back five minutes later to meet a new set of updates. In short, the frequency of updates on 1up is every 5 minutes on the average.

Variety of content

Even though 1up is a gamers’ site, it has resources for other movies and television shows. It offers news, reviews, cheats and guides about old, new and some yet-to-be launched video games. You get to also preview new games and add you opinion.

A lot of box office movies are featured on 1up too. You can see the trailer of any of the new movies. Each movie comes with reviews from those that have watched it earlier so you can check all the reviews and add yours. You can spend hours on this site without getting bored because of the wide variety of resources.

1up also has a section for TV shows and TV programming. There are so many technologies behind TV programming now. 1up has found a way to converge all of this content into one section. It becomes easy for readers to read all the content one after the other without getting overwhelmed. 1up is nothing but a depot of a wide variety of resources.

Visual appeal

To make the site appeal to visitors, all the resources have been organized into appropriate categories and subcategories of links. All the resources about games are under games. New and reviews have their own categories.

Movies have their own section too. Be it news, reviews, previews and other information about a movie. It can be seen in this section. This is why the site appeals to visitors visually. Well organized sites like 1up does not only give visual appeal, it also makes for easy navigation. This is one of the attractive features of 1up. No visitor will stay on a site for more than 2 minutes if he can’t find his way around the site. When you visit 1up.com, you will realize how easy it is to navigate your way without seeking help.

Practical Operation of 1up

Despite all the heavy resources on this site, the homepage loads very fast. Apart from that, the links load very fast too. They also load correctly because the site has experienced and dedicated engineers that are monitoring every part of the site 24 hours a day.

1up never experiences downtime like several other sites. The site has been optimized for speed and for conservation of data. Since the internet is more accessed through mobile devices than through personal computers, 1up.com is mobile friendly. So, all its members and visitors can access the site easily from their mobile device irrespective of the operating system running on it.

Where 1up really distinguishes itself is the area of system requirement. One would have thought that a site with so many resources will have very high system requirements. On the contrary, 1up’s system requirements are low to accommodate more gamers and visitors. Besides, all the resources have been compressed and optimized for systems with low specifications.


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